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2018-02-21, 20:44:03
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Guest 20:42:14 Viewing the topic Amazing experiments with Robert-Boyle flask.
Guest 20:42:05 Viewing the topic Investigating "anomalies" in Bifilar coils.
Guest 20:41:58 Viewing the topic Serbian Professor Savic Sonic water heater replication COP 12.
Guest 20:41:55 Viewing the topic "COOL JOULE" makes a claim.
Guest 20:41:48 Viewing the topic Rigol DS1054Z -- Features, Usage, and... BUGS !!.
Guest 20:41:46 Viewing the topic RomeroUK Replication Muller Variant Device.
Guest 20:41:29 Viewing the topic Janost's "Self-runner" Device: Replicating and Testing.
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Guest 20:41:18 Viewing the topic 9/11 debate - enter at your own risk!.
Guest 20:41:16 Viewing the topic Lead-out/Bring-in Energy - The locked teaching thread.
Guest 20:41:14 Viewing the topic Some "New" Observations.
Guest 20:40:38 Viewing the topic Amazing ancient free energy source, Bill Mollison explains a Trompe .
Guest 20:40:23 Viewing the topic Viktor Schauberger Free Energy & Water for Fuel.
Guest 20:40:22 Viewing the topic Let's get Slider (aka Mark Vaughan) a nice 4-channel DSO with math functions!.
Guest 20:40:04 Viewing the topic What to do about INTIMIDATION? .
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Guest 20:39:19 Viewing the topic Rediscovering Zaev’s ferro-kessor.
Guest 20:38:42 Viewing the topic "RF and molecular bond breaking Kanzius style".
Guest 20:38:15 Viewing the topic rectifier into 5U4?.
Guest 20:38:12 Viewing the board index of OverUnity Research.
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