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2019-01-22, 06:56:45
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Author Topic: Zero Point Energy  (Read 2758 times)
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Subject: Zero Point Energy – Part 1

I met Scientist S who had spent much time on the concept of Zero Point Energy.  Here are some of the juicy points.

Scientist S: “Is the Lead-Out or Bring-In Energy theory the same as the Zero Point Energy theory?”

Tseung: “Yes and No.  There are some common grounds.  However, there are some important differences.”

Scientist S: “From Wikipedia, Zero Point energy is the lowest possible energy that a quantum mechanical physical system may have; it is the energy of its ground state. All quantum mechanical systems undergo fluctuations even in their ground state and have an associated zero-point energy, a consequence of their wave-like interaction.  Do your lead-out energy systems lead out such energy?

Tseung: “My Lead-out energy Theory is much more down to earth.  In other words, I can explain the source of energy in terms of Newtonian Physics.  I do accept that there is no such a thing as total vacuum where there is a void of energy or energy fields.  Any imaginary cube in this universe will be affected by the gravitational pull of the stars; it will contain some electromagnetic waves; it will be affected by any measuring device brought-in.”

Scientist S: “In zero point energy theory, there is no true vacuum also.  But it is different from your theory in that any cube in space has energy at ground state.  Such ground state energy is theoretically very large.”

Tseung: “I do not need to think in terms of ground state energy in quantum mechanics.  I can use the Three Divine Revelations from the Almighty.  1. Energy can be extracted from Still Air.  2. Energy can be extracted from Gravity.  3. Energy can be extracted from the orbiting electrons.”

Scientist S: “If you extracted energy from Still Air, what will happen to the air?”

Tseung: “The air temperature, the device and the surrounding will get colder.  One good example is the James Kwok Hidro.  I explained its operation using the analogy of firing a water rocket within the water tube.  The adiabatic expansion of air in expelling the water downwards to provide the thrust will cool down the air and the rocket.”

Scientist S: “That is brilliant.  You also demonstrated that putting more resonance tubes at appropriate locations to a constant sound source will produce louder sounds.”

Tseung: “A resonance tube is a passive device.  It cannot generate energy.  It is NOT a source of energy.  The extra sound energy must come from elsewhere.  In this case, it is from the kinetic energy of the air molecules.  It requires the condition of Resonance.  The Lead-out energy theory cannot be wrong.  The first Devine Revelation (Energy can be extracted from Still Air) cannot be wrong.”

To be continued.  Amen.
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Zero Point Energy - Part 2

Scientist S: “Do you realize the impact of your tuning fork and resonance tube experiments with the constant sound source?”

Tseung: “Tell me.”

Scientist S: “Previously, scientists assumed that the louder sounds were from a more efficient use of the striking energy.  When you pressed the tuning fork on a flat surface, a larger area would vibrate and the louder sound was from a larger movement of air.  There was only one sound source and all energy had to come from there.  Now your experiments showed that the louder sound energy could be from the surrounding.  This opened a new door.”

Tseung: “It should have been obvious centuries ago.  The ancient musical instruments all had resonance chambers to create  louder sounds.”

Scientist S: “There is scientific dogma at work here.  Some so called authorities could not shake away their convictions.  They will also attack your religious phrases such as Divine Revelations.”

Tseung: “I do not care about how others think.  I just present what is from my brain and my heart.”


To be continued.

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Frequency equals matter...
Tseung: “It should have been obvious centuries ago.  The ancient musical instruments all had resonance chambers to create  louder sounds.”

So if this amplification quality exists with air and solid matter, doesn't it stand to reason that this same property could exist in a magnetic field with a smaller magnetic excitation impinging upon it?

This property would expalin the Steven Mark Comp field or the dual pulse protocol and why when the timing parameters are correct a larger return pulse height is verified. That is, a secondary pulse is sent into a field expansion of the first pulse at the correct moment of inception to aid the momentum of the first.

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The replacement probe from China has not arrived yet.

During the wait, a friend paid a visit with her daughter and the twin boys.  They had fun playing in my daughter's home.
Towards the end of the visit, I showed them the resonance experiments.  They were asked to place the glasses at positions where the sound was loudest.

They had fun.  The experiments were successful.

If the under 10 year olds could do the experiments, should the top scientist at the top Universitiies be abe able to do them?

Praise the Lord.  The Divine Light shines.
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