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2019-01-23, 10:28:47
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Author Topic: Sky-no longer the limit for greed  (Read 2438 times)
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Dose anyone own the sun???.
It seems the Spanish government seems to think they do. The greed of our world leader's has no limit. They tell us all that they are trying to clean up the world-make it a better place-undo what has been done. It also seems that the Spanish government thinks the way to do that is make it cheaper to buy your electricity from a polluting power company,than to install a green energy solar system.

The idiotic Spanish government has just filed a royal decree to tax sunlight-thats right-tax sunlight,for those that have a solar setup.
So many of us world wide try so hard to find non polluting energy sources,and the idiotic leaders of the world try so hard to fill there pockets with cash-no matter what the cost to us and the planet.

This virus needs to be stopped ,before it spreads.

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You should hear some of the English taxes we have had in the past, wig powder, window tax which caused everyone to brick some windows up.

I heard there was a country that the government tried taxing rain water  :-\ until there was a revolt.

A recent interesting case, is tax on tobacco, in the UK tobacco is heavily taxed because they know many who smoke find it impossible to give up and they can escalate the tax without too much worry, in the last few years 1000's have switched to electronic cigs, you get your nicotine hit without the harmfull constituents, but there's no tax on the liquid containing the nicotine, so some countries have decided to ban electronic cigs on the basis the fluid might be dangerous even though the fluid constituents are widely known to be safe.  :D

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It's not as complicated as it may seem...

Yeah, that is likely caused by pressure from the electrical suppliers...they are losing revenue. And if they lobby the halls of parliament, they're likely to get their way. It's all about money, you're right. Their attitude is: "Fuck the environment, it isn't going to affect me in my lifetime. I just want to make lots of money!"

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I heard there was a country that the government tried taxing rain water  Undecided until there was a revolt.

In Colorado it is illegal to have rain barrels.

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