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2018-03-19, 12:35:52
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Chatting amongst yourselves I hope you have figured out that you cannot draw water more than 1 atmosphere or about 10 meters, even with a spring loaded piston return set at a higher pressure. The reason for this is that at 10 meters (no matter the diameter bore of your pipe) the weight of the water will pull away from the bottom face of the piston and create a vacuum. The solution to this is a daisy chained hhop system every 9 meters or a single hhop dropped to the depth required to reach the water level and a sufficient operating pressure to force pump it up to ground level. DC electricity losses must be accounted for within your power input level over a significant distance, and losses from the hho in the pipe potentially cooking off must be accepted. There may be different levels of gas stability attainable from different production techniques.

Absorption refrigeration can be easily shown to be desirable in a hhop base camp situation but a fridge is not that portable, you may just require potable drinking water without the refrigeration. In this scenario it would be possible to use a pressure cooker (enclosed volume) system with a built in radiator:


In this off the shelf example you can see from the diagram they are using sink science.. this is the energy provided by the water company to provide your house with water pressure (normally around 2 bar, could be more, could be less depending on circumstances). I just did a quick test on my kitchen tap and at full flow I could fill a 1 liter bottle in 2 and 1/2 elephants.. conservatively that gives me about 20 liters of cold water flow per minute.. I am not on a water meter so within a week or two I would expect to see water engineers digging up the street looking for the leak..


I guess they got the idea from Delboy:


hhop cannot compete with the water companies pumping power, but it is designed to run from solar power (or any DC energy source) away from infrastructure.. It is a fluid pump, and it can remove heat from the radiator and therefore condense the steam to potable drinking water.. now you have a use for the water pumped that is not accumulator storage..(but still could be ;))

In the event that the hho flame is found to burn through the stainless steel pressure vessel base there are two obvious choices. A hho flame has been shown to burn underwater so it could be placed within the pressure vessel itself heating the water. The other option is to have an air chamber inside the pressure vessel base with a stainless tubular coil within the water, this would allow the hot air to transfer heat to the water through the tubular wall (same as the radiator) without melting anything.. but would be less efficient. This is based upon the situation where there is no easily accessible water source, and the water has to be pumped to camp from the source.. if you have a running stream at your location then you can just submerge your radiator in that and achieve maximum efficiency with your radiator.
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