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2019-01-23, 09:22:48
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Author Topic: Free Energy Technology Could Destroy the Natural World  (Read 9546 times)

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That original article is .... hilarious. The author simply didn't think at all!  If you have a new technology platform that can conjure up "free energy" then you are only limited by your imagination. The first things you do address human and environmental needs -- you sequester carbon and nitrogen from the air: you generate light and heat when and where you need it: you clean and transport water to here you need it: you sink energy (cool) as easily as you generate it (heat): transport (linear and rotary motion) are free care of space time manipulation: the same manipulation also lets you modulate time which has a myriad manifestations when you really think about it. None of this has anything to do with electricity and free energy -- the new technology renders electricity largely redundant... the myopic focus on "energy" is simply obsolete.

In short the author was -- simply not thinking at all!
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The British Royal family has been caught in a world wide ring of paedeophilic activities. The U.S. media is such libtarded they now spout lies of unreal unaccountability. The U.S. entertainment industry has gone deep into Satanism. Human trafficking has impacted everyone. Drug use is rampant on a worldwide scale. ... Untethered drones... That is a smoking gun right there. ... This is the future you were warned about. Hows that healthcare working out for ya?

The main thrust of the article in the OP is that FE will upset the status quo.  Sure will.
  But -- is this a good thing or a bad thing?  Is the status quo, run by a wealthy un-caring elite, such a good thing?

Could FE be the catalyst for change, restoring humanity to, well, humanity for one another -- and freedom from debt bondage?  An empowered populist uprising against controlling, surveilling overlords?  

Could there be an unstoppable change for  humanity's sake -- a new RENAISSANCE?

Do we need another Renaissance?

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Frequency equals matter...
A planet always need a RENAISSANCE...
Violence always gets old except to the bloodthirsty.
That's why the aliens are just visitors. You just don't climb in the cage with the aminals. :o

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