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2018-02-19, 11:40:31
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Author Topic: Wireless energy by DadHav  (Read 3415 times)
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I had to post this,as it's something i would like to try soon.
John(DadHav) is a member here,although he dosnt visit much. But i thought this should be shown,along with some of his well built pulse motors.



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Yeah it's good interesting stuff to experiment with.

Don't all his "grounds" go to the same place ? Because unless he has some actual ground between the individual ground connections it's just the same as many others have done. A Meyl like arrangement. I ran motors, filament bulbs, LED banks and even fluro's from my setup "which was similar but I drove mine at full resonant frequency with a DC chopper on the transmitter primary'. also I used an Armstrong Oscillator variant. And even transferred power from one steel shed to another via a single wire laying on the ground. He should know the neon will come on if he holds it even close to the coil. so should a fluro.

If he tunes his output coil he will get a sine wave output from it if the transmitter is outputting an auto tuned sine wave. And the power to the load on the output can be regulated by de-tuning the output tank.

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