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2018-04-26, 21:35:12
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Author Topic: Global Cooling Forecast 2020-2030 Full Societal Collapse  (Read 617 times)

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Everyman decries immorality
The video in the link below echoes my own personal views on the probable immediate future we as a species will experience.


hhop gen 3 produces various gas products (dependant on liquid working fuel chosen) + electricity from the gravitational field energy prime mover.

hhop gen 4 produces electricity only from the gravitational field energy prime mover.


Should such a mini ice age come to pass a habitable structure with a food growing environment will become essential.

a hhop gen 3 or 4 generator at the heart of the building, buried deep underground will provide the permanent energy source required for individual de-centralised survival.

Naturhus: An Entire House Wrapped in Its Own Private Greenhouse


Everyman Standing Order 01: In the Face of Tyranny; Everybody Stands, Nobody Runs.
Everyman Standing Order 02: Everyman is Responsible for Energy and Security.
Everyman Standing Order 03: Everyman knows Timing is Critical in any Movement.
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