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2017-03-28, 20:42:55
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Author Topic: Function Generator protectionbox using EL2009's  (Read 674 times)

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Looks well.

Keep in mind that this is an analog voltage source, so if you connect a LED to its output and set it to output 40Hz sine wave voltage, then the brightness of the LED will not be sine shaped.  This is because the brightness is proportional to current ...and the current is not sine shaped (as shown here).

To convert the EL2009 to an analog current source you'd gave to do Diag.2.

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Also, keep in mind that the EL2009 box does not provide any galvanic isolation and will not protect you from evil loads like the Kacher or TC.
Making a DC+HF analog buffer with galvanic isolation would put hair on your chest!  But if LF and DC operation is not needed, then the isolation can be achieved by a HF 1:1 signal isolation transformer between the FG and the EL2009 box.

For such evil loads, the galvanically isolated digital switch (rectangular pulses only) from Diag.3 can be used.  Its major disadvantage is the cost of these four DC-DC converters, when you buy them as premade commercial devices.

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Thanks, i want to stay away from Kacher / TC like devices as much as possible anyway.

Not sure what evil load Peters crackling coil is, therfor i will use his specially designed box for it for the time being.

I did found my Tek scope inoperative after some measurements on his crackling coil the other day and needed to do a full calibration to get it back.
So i will use my Owon scope to do measurments.



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For Lost_Bro and others,

Bill Of Material:

1x  TEKO 373 metal HF 106x50x26 CF373.
2x  BNC-Adapter 90° 50 Ohm, Amphenol B5072A1-ND3G-50
2x  Connector BNC male plug bulkhead handle solder panel mount straight
2x  Connector BNC female plug bulkhead handle solder panel mount straight
2x  EL2009CT
2x  isolation pads to isolate the EL2009's from the casing
2x  tantalum capacitor 10uF 35V
5x  ceramic capacitor 100nF
6x  feedthrough capacitor 2nF
2x  50 Ohm inductionfree resistor and/or 100 Ohm multiturn potmeter (for intial adjustment)
4x  ferrite beads
4x  M3 screws and nuts to mount EL2009 and ground lugs.
2x  ground lugs.

The above list is for a 2 channel FG, so if you want only 1 cannel protected, the list can almost be halved.
The number of feedtrought and 100nF decouple capacitors can vary depending on how clean the input voltages are.
I use a separate bulky +/- 24V 7A powersupply set to +/-16v to feed the EL2009's, but variations are of course possible
The EL2009 can withstand a max curent of 1A, so that is minimal needed.
I did not use the mentioned (and drawn) Schottky diodes (from supply voltages to output) as they caused severe oscillations.
Perhaps the used  SB240-E3/54 diodes junction capacitance of 170pF is to much.

Regards Itsu
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