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2018-09-20, 02:21:49
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Author Topic: Alert, All eyes on the International Space Station  (Read 1276 times)
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something cool is going on above our heads.

I saw the International Space Station tonight while gazing at the stars with my telescope (wasn't planning on it), and right in front of the ISS  there was a less bright object on the same orbital path, just a few degrees in front (maybe the width of two fingers held at arms length).   I ran inside and got my binoculars and watched the ISS (the other object faded before I could observe it), then came in the house to try and figure out what the hell I saw.

Turns out its the Japanese Transport Vehicle HTV-6, it just left the ISS and it will stay in front of it for a week or so doing what appears to be quite an exciting electrodynamic experiment with a tether. remember the previous tether experiment, maybe a decade ago, an unexpected bolt of electricity fried the tether.  I think we are not being told the truth, these guys do experiments up there that might be related to the story they publish, yet could be much more secretive/technologically important then advertised.



Space at that altitude is far from empty, read in-between the lines. Anyway if you happen to be living along the orbit path within the next few days, take advantage of it and look up. 

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found more info here: 


how can there be any forces without the current flow? (see last image)  ???

also notice mention of the "HTV's electric potential" My theory is that what we think we know about satellite orbits can be totally off, the forces that hold satellites up might be more electrodynamic then newtonian.  At those fantastic velocities, small charged objects moving through a magnetic field produces lift in the upward direction (orthogonal to the velocity vector and the magnetic vector, so never depletes the kinetic energy)  (notice they can eject electrons with electron guns in the vacuum of space (actually a plasma), so this leaves the spacecraft positively charged, and moving through the magnetic field of the earth West to East the vector direction of the force is predominantly upwards (remember magnetic south pole is at geographic North pole) 
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If the solar panels disappear in the future then they're finding out more than they're letting on. It'd be a weather balloon naturally.
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I saw the International Space Station tonight

You could try asking them what is happening:



You may be able to get them to do something extra on your behalf. (The various crew members often have their own accounts).

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