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Author Topic: The Engine,and then the gas  (Read 115 times)
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Thought i would start this thread,so as to no divert Graham's thread any more than we have,regarding VW engine's.

Just a fun project,and nothing much to do with free energy--but HHO will be included.

The end game here,is to have built an engine from bit's and pieces,that will be running on(or partly there of)HHO gas,where the HHO cell get's it's electrical energy from the engine driven generator it self.

First is to strip down the donor motor-and it dosnt look pretty  :o

The motor build is going to be red necked,and not something that looks like it just came out of a machine shop.
In fact,the whole build will be done,using nothing more than tool's most have in there work shop--E.G,no lathe work/machining.

The idea is to see how efficient we can make an engine,that is built from nothing but scrap part's,lying around in junk pile's.

Once running(if it actually runs),we will then move on to fitting the generator, HHO,and control systems.

PT 1-the strip down.



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It's OK Brad.

As " Domestic science " has become my forte I'll pop in the odd recipe for exhaust manifold cooking!!


Cheers Graham.

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Ouch! That teardown brings back too many bad memories of cracked pistons on my 67 bus engine.

I was also going through a separation at the time. Maybe I mixed all the emotions up. She got the 67 after it was rebuilt and strong.  :-[

Just because it has a patent application or is patented does not always mean it really works.
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