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2018-04-19, 22:23:32
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Author Topic: What is Known about the TPU  (Read 247840 times)

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Frequency equals matter...
Interesting result from stripping the insulation between the secondaries. The stripping section allows previous secondary can now slide freely while attached to the insulation because the insulation slides on the iron wire. I could apply adhesive to the secondary to adhere it to the insulation because it slides but the I couldn't change the windings. I could just glue the first winding of the secondary just to hold it on the sliding insulation.
This new finding could prove instrumental. Nothing really electronic in the testing. Just a unseen benefit.

And when I get through 5 of the 10 secondaries I realize that I could have stripped the whole iron wire to begin with. Since the Litz wire has insulation this could have a larger benefit as the distance of the Litz wire is now closer to the primary.

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I've not yet tried to space the secondary windings to see a difference but will as soon as time allows. Stripped the iron and made a paper masking tape slide, winding directly on the iron has removed some of the secondaries insulation which was initially interesting as the scope showed an increase at certain points where the iron wires' kinks are. So far the half coil effect is clear and more voltage may be required to see anything unexpected occurring.
More available time would be nice lol.
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