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2016-05-04, 16:25:27
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Author Topic: Another look...  (Read 5224 times)
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Came across this video today:

And found it impressive due to one aspect:

The experimenter is trying different spark gaps and one of them has a very intermittent type of spark.  When this one is in operation, you can clearly see the lights (load) flashing exactly with the erratic spark.  Seems to me this would be rather difficult to fake.

Now obviously we do not know the power draw used by the MOT or the actual power delivered to all the lights, but the device is definitely manipulating the energy source in such a way that one would think to be highly inefficient, yet there appears to be significant output.  Also notice the large copper coil on the device closest to the camera.  It would seem this is copper tubing which could probably handle serious amperage.
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Another informative video:

Describes the winding pattern of the "nanosecond transformer".  There seems to be some "bucking type" windings in there too with three different winding lengths on the same former.

He also mentions the coupling between "antennas" must be capacitive, not inductive.
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