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2023-09-26, 06:26:57
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Author Topic: Did I invent something...? Potential multi-input, UPS backup inverter/power ...  (Read 4025 times)
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...supply, possibly w/toroids and potentially high voltage at a series output...?

While I was inspecting electronic patents, especially in inverters/DC-DC converters/uninterruptible power supplies that can be made OU with enough research, I came across these, with quick-and-easy reference:

"Electric power storage"

"Rectifier circuit"

"Inverter Symmetry Correction Circuit"

"D.C to D.C. Regulated Converter"

"Inverter Having Circuitry for Controlling the Relative Duration of the Output Alterations"

Download at:   http://www.pat2pdf.org

Shinichi Seike: G-Strain Amplifier/Monopole Coil

Later reedit, same day:
Additionally, specialized transformers of unusual designs might be incorporated into the design(s), even to step-up voltage or influence possible internal harmonic frequencies, thusly:

"Intruder Detection System"
This one can use freestanding coil units like a type of Don Smith pole transformer with a center unit transmitting to nearby units in resonance.

"Contrawound Toroidal Antenna"
This one has a bunch of different coil antennas that can influence a multitude of conditions in a circuit.  (Look at fig. 74, drawing sheet page 17, for an approximation of the Gabriel Device on OU.com)

"Toroidal Antenna"
(Similar in function with slightly different designs.)

"Radio Frequency Field Coil for NMR"
(Obviously, this one's for a medical NMRI imaging system.)
But, can the coils be replaced with toroids?  The vertical leads with capacitors be replaced with Tesla tower coil arrangements?  Can the whole thing be made with fine insulated wire and then be used as an ambient atmospheric energy antenna while being upgraded considerably in size?

"Unitary Transformer and Saturable Reactor"

"Magnetic Amplifier"
Fig. 5 of this one has potential for either OUR.com or OU.com

Okay, now:
My thought was to take #3,904,950 and then try to integrate that circuit into one of the two patents immediately underneath it, so that the inputs can be made individual to the extent that multiple sources of power can supply the circuit.  I realize the inputs are deliberately synchronized in the original.  However, if the inputs and main sections of the inverters are electrically isolated and the AC output, regardless of frequency, is rectified by a full wave diode bridge, this is a moot point.  The voltage levels at output should be relatively equal, and a transformer at each output should guarantee that they are.

Further modifications to try and increase efficiency can be explored later by me.  Time's up on this computer.  I do understand what I'm trying to do.  Any comments, remarks, criticisms with regard to what I said?  Just ask.

There might be enough information here to give some experimenting researcher--- ideas for his or her own project(s).  If it does, so much the better.  I'm not! going to patent this for any reason.


Reedit, 14 Sept '11:  Added other references for toroids or coils that can act as toroids, which might be stacked in a vertical-pole-arrangement(Fig. 5 of patent #2,820,109  and  Figs. 2A & 3A of patent #4,680,548).
Reedit, 15 Sept '11:  Spell check and added reference to fig. #(3A), above.
Reedit, 12 Oct  '11:   Added additional descriptive text.  And rearranged text.
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I suppose I have to correct myself:   I looks like everything's already been done?   Take a look at this...


...but I had a different idea in how the input sources would have handled various voltages incoming to the transistorized unit.   All is not lost, yet.

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