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2023-02-01, 05:58:54
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Author Topic: Happy New year 2012!! Just released Patrick Kelly Self Looping PDF  (Read 4244 times)
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http://free-energy-info.co.uk/PJKbook.pdf {The addendum starts at page 40 chapter 3 }


Some one has stepped up to the plate with this one!!

Patrick Kelly Post this AM at Energetic
I have just seen this post. Let me make it clear that I have designed nothing and contribute nothing, being one of those hated 'armchair' people with negligible constructional abilities. All I have done is to attempt to amalgamate Zilano's information into a brief intoduction for newcomers, followed by a pointer to this forum. I would have asked Zilano's permission if I had contact information, but lacking that, the best I could do is to acknowledge the source. I am not at all sure that my digest is correct and I would welcome criticism from Zilano and others
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