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2023-04-01, 17:12:49
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Author Topic: Magnacoaster  (Read 124570 times)
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@MH  That should really pretty much wrap up this thread...I mean as a final statement.  At least until the first fully functional production units are delivered (well beyond our lifespan, I'm betting).

@Poynt99 and Aetherevarising

Quote from this thread by Ms. Ainslee: "Our own device showed an unarguable result at COP >17.  Glen's device showed COP>7.  Those two facts I KNOW.  I have all the empirical evidence that I or any reasonable scientist requires.  I KNOW that both Glen's and my device showed repeated performance levels where more energy was returned to the battery than was ever supplied."  

This is apparently yet a new claim.  Not only does it heat a resistor 17 times more efficiently than a straight wire hookup, but it now also charges its own battery at the same time!  Oh, my God!  This is such amazingly great news!  Heat your home and cook your food and dry your clothes (which accounts for about 90% of all household electrical usage) for 1/17 the cost and get free battery charging too (to cover all the lighting and small appliances)!  Will wonders never cease?  It certainly sounds like she is saying that a self-running heater is on the near horizon (if only all the scientists in the world weren't so unreasonable).

Why is this particular lady immune to and exempt from the "OU claiming rule" I've recently observed Poynt getting all over the FLEET guy (Lawrence) about?

I've followed the insane decade-long saga of the "COP 17" heater front to back on all the forums.  I've seen nothing close to any kind of proof or even a hint of an indication of OU.  This may not be the right place to bring up such a question but her thread is locked (no wonder given the total lack of valid testing being done or discussed...100% pure infighting, rude nonsensical philosophical bickering and name-calling) and it is from this thread right here that I have taken Ms. Ainslee's quotation.

Maybe this (my question above) should be asked in a PM.  I'd love to lay forth an extremely simple and step-by-step irrefutably logical test plan for any black box with battery input and heat output that skips all the fancy Tek scopes (despite my owning one) and bickering and tedious measurements involving Excel spreadsheets and millions of samples to number-crunch.  All of that crap is entirely unnecessary to validate any such system with an actual OU of say 3 or better.  

If her device can pass my simple test with an indicated OU of 3 or better, I hereby pledge that I will volunteer to apply all my remaining time on Earth (it won't take that long) and all my experience at getting products designed and onto the market (including huge nasty screaming 40.68MHz multi-kilowatt RF-powered CO2 plasma lasers) with full worldwide FCC, CE, FDA and UL safety and emissions compliance.  Free of charge!  Wherever and whenever she says.  I'll supply my own food, shelter, lab and test gear as well as time and vast experience at doing successful new product design, approval, documentation and release.  And I'll do it happily, with enthusiasm and great joy!

Why the folks on these various forums allow people to get away with evolving these elaborate and extremely difficult and argumentative test approaches I will never understand unless it's simply group-willed procrastination.  Test procedures that require literally years to even agree upon, months more to gather the exotic expensive gear and years more to complete and document the test results when an ultra-simple and definitive test method (that takes no equipment you can't get at Radio Shack and any local drugstore for under $20 and which most folks already own)  is totally clear and glaringly obvious.  I'll never understand.  

The only reason I can think of is that everyone, including the mods, the forum owners, the proud delusionary inventors, the replicators, the referee/teachers like MH and even guys like me...the lookie-loo somewhat skeptical audience...we all want to prolong the agony and exstasy of the insanely tedious and delusionally prolonged journey from claim to disproof, I guess.  It's entertainment.  God, I am so bored!  Never thought retirement would be this tedious!

Where should I post my foolproof, simple test setup and procedure for Ms. Ainslee's invention?
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Yep, sometimes stuff is made to be way too complicated.  I don't know how to use 90% of the functionality in my cell phone!

Since "integration" is the current buzz word, some people might not realize that capacitors are integrators with essentially infinite precision and an infinitely high sampling rate.  In many applications a big dumb capacitor can outperform the most expensive DSO with built-in math functions.

I agree with you that the Ainslie circuit could be checked for it's COP claims with integrating electrical, and thermal, capacitors.

For all those people that think that they can't verify their measurements because they don't have a super-expensive DSO, look again and get creative. The solutions to all of your measurement problems may already be on your bench.


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It's not as complicated as it may seem...

See my PM for your answer.  :)

Looking forward to it.

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As suggested, the new "A Simple Test for Large COP Claims in Pulsed Inductive Heater Circuits" thread is here: http://www.overunityresearch.com/index.php?topic=580.msg9211;topicseen#msg9211
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Seems Richard has kept Busy?

Think I'll give a ring tomorrow?
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Would some one have this wondrous circuit, so as some of us may try it for our selfs?

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A quote from Magnacoaster:


"Units need to dump the power into a battery or a capacitor bank to change from dc pulse to regular DC. Nothing that is made today will accept our power due to the fact that it is DC pulse."

I am pretty sure this DC 12V, 24V or 48V submersible water heater will accept DC pulsed power, and it is not only made today but you can buy one:


String a few together in parallel and you can load match the output to your magic Vorktex. The added bonus being it will not cost hundreds of thousands of $ to do!

Normally I would not bother to comment on a Magnacoaster thread however for those that follow my work they may find a 1" NPT thread fitting very useful, if they do not have native access to BSP fittings.


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