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2024-05-23, 06:49:50
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Author Topic: Locked reference material - no comments  (Read 44586 times)
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This thread wiill be used as a storage for reference material. Please direct your comments to the other threads such as the FLEET DIY kit.
Thank you.

*** Edited on April 21, 2013
The best DSO sample analysis is for Board 108 attached below.  Use it as reference for your tests.
The presentation slides are in pdf format.

*** Edited on June 19, 2013
There is concern that the Atten may have a DC Offset giving erroneous results.  The much more expensive Tektronics with experts will be used to double check the results later.
Experiments by TK, Ting and Lau indicated possibility of Electromagnetic Noise as a contributing factor.
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The following are the Divine Revelation fiiles:

Divine Revelation 1 - Lead-out kinetic energy of air molecules via sound resonance
Divine Revelation 2 - Lead-out gravitation energy using Milkovic 2-stage pendulum and blind Peru Scientist's Force Multiplier
Divine Revelation 3 - Lead-out electron motion energy using FLEET
More on the Milkovic 2-stage Pendulum
Explaing the Divine Revelation 2 More

*** Please read nov 22a.xls and magic.xls for update on Divine Revelation 3.

*** Added the presentation for the Venture Capitalists in Nov 2014.
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Group: Guest
This is the presentation file to the Canadian Group.  They are now Distributors of the DIY kit in Canada.

They shall have Demonstration Centers and on-line stores in addition to real stores.

Those ordering on-line through them in Canada do not need to pay the huge International postage or UPS charges.

BSI Energy Holdings Limited is looking for distributors worldwide.

May the Divine Wine be served worldwide.
Group: Guest
The attached draft Competition ideas to go with the Lead-out Energy DIY kit.

This particular file is likely to be modified as BSI Energy Holdings Limited have more feedback from the potential Judges.
Group: Guest
Some comments and/or concerns related to the Lead-out Energy DIY kit.
Group: Guest
Here is what the Hong Kong Demonstration Center can demonstration.

Obviously, there will be improvements in the coming days.
Group: Guest
The details of the oscilloscope-test-ready board using 2n2222 from Ms. Shirley Yung.

This is the model BSI Energy Holdings Limited will use to build the "Atomic Bomb 1" to be sent to Universities.

*** This file will be modified to use DC Coupling.  In the attached file, AC coupling was used - the results were wrong as the actual instantaneous voltage (or current) were not displayed.  The file is left alsone to show the error.  (Jine 19, 2013)
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Group: Guest
This analysis file was obtained with all components on the breadboard.

The full details are enclosed.  It should be relatively easy for the engineer to replicate.

The COP was -52.

*** There were concerns that AC coupling on the oscilloscope was used.  Will redo with DC coupling. in Nov 22a.

« Last Edit: 2012-11-23, 15:54:25 by ltseung888 »
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The explanation of the excel file nov 12.xls is attached.

The full mystery of the joule thief circuit is clear.  The pulse switching induced BACK EMF - leading out electron motion energy.

*** There are concerns that the AC coupling used on the oscilloscope do not represent Instantaneous Voltages.  DC Coupling is now used.
*** Explanations are embeded in nov 22a.
« Last Edit: 2012-11-23, 22:50:21 by ltseung888 »
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The attached slide is a result of the discussion with TS LAU and Daniel (old Wah Yan Classmates).  It tries to clarify the concept of leading out kinetic energy of air molecules.

The top and the bottom both contain 20 molecules.  Each one has the same kinetic energy.  Energy is a scalar quantity and has no direction.

However, the momentum is different.  The bottom configuration can do useful work.  The top cannot.  If we have a mechanism to change the top configuration to the bottom, we effectively lead-out the kinetic energy of air molecules.

On the macro level, a water rocket gets colder after firing.  The molecular velocity is lower because some kinetic energy is used to propel the rocket.

May the almighty add to our understanding of the molecular picture of lead-out energy.  Amen.
Group: Guest
Another overunity confirmation with the DC Power Supply instead of the battery.
Group: Guest
Magic revealed.

The Shirley oscilloscope-test-ready board was again used.  30 similar boards will be sent to the top universities for verification.  All boards will be double and triple checked first before shipping.  All production Lead-Out Energy Research Kits can be turned to oscilloscope-test-ready boards.  Potentially, thousands can confirm and replicate such results.

The 20 readings were taken at one minute intervals with both Output and Input.  Both the Output and Input power decreased with time.  Both turned negative at some point.

During the positive values, the Output Power was always greater than the Input Power.  Overunity was confirmed again in this range.

Negative Power for both Input and Output are again confirmed.

*** Sample Output and Input CSV files are also attached.

There is logic in God's creation.  Amen.
« Last Edit: 2012-11-29, 09:23:37 by ltseung888 »
Group: Guest
The meeting with Forever Yuen on Dec 2 was fruitful.  She has a full time job at a Government Hospital but she is willing to devote some of her spare time managing Help Seedlings Innovate Foundation Limited.
Group: Guest
This is the planned discussion file with Physicists and Engineers.

It includes the claims, the theory, the evidence and the plans.

***The discussions at overunity.com are also helpful.
« Last Edit: 2012-12-12, 10:56:47 by ltseung888 »
Group: Guest
The conclusive evidence that Average Input Power can turn negative.

Negative Power implies more energy is fedback to source!!!
Group: Guest
Another Run on the same configuration to make sure that the Input Power indeed turned negative.

This run contained the situation when the LED was OFF.
Group: Guest
Comments on the Forever Lighted Lamp

(1) The Forever Lighted Lamp is essential a battery recharging system plus lighting a number of LEDs.  You have two timers for control.  One timer is to turn Power on for a few seconds and off for a few minutes.  This not only saves power but also keeps the system at the lead-out energy range.  The second timer is for swapping of batteries.  Battery A alone can maintain the lighting of the LEDs for months and recharge Battery B at the same time.  The battery swapping operation can be done every few weeks or every few months.  This sounds too good to be true.

(2) Nobody will stare forever at your demonstration.  Your claim of Forever must rely on the use of scientific instruments.  The layman can easily be fooled by such equipment.

(3) How many LEDs or how many normal light bulbs can be lighted by the Forever Lighted Lamp device?  Can it provide 1 KW of electrical power?

(4) If you can indeed demonstrate and sell such a Forever Lighted Device, how would the electricity companies react?

(5) When can I get one and at what price?

The theory is in this thread.  The Engineers are doing the production prototypes. 

Group: Guest
Outcome of the Meetings in Hong Kong

The four groups finished their fruitful meeting in Hong Kong.  The groups are: G-LED USA, BSI Hong Kong, Help Seedlings Innovate Foundation and an Investor.

(1) The Investor will work with G-LED USA on introducing their technology to improve the Solar Farms in China immediately.  The new technology will boost electricity production to 137% and >200% is likely.

(2) The three Companies all developed some form of Forever Lighted Lamps independently.  They will continue to compete along the research and development path.  When they have production ready prototypes (within 6 months), another meeting will be arranged.

(3) The Lead-out Energy Research Kits may be given out to Universities as Gifts.  They are not useful to those without top of the line digital oscilloscopes.  They will confirm the Lead-out-energy technology.  However the Forever Lighted Lamps will be much more powerful in convincing the experts and layman.

(4) The entire secret of the Lead-out Energy technology will become public knowledge when the patent application is published by PCT in Oct 2013.  Thus the Companies may no longer have the advantage.  The suggestion is to get the products out as soon as possible.

(5) The World will benefit from the Divine Wine no matter what happens.  Amen.
Group: Guest
The Output BMP files for the oscilloscope-test-ready board

Note the increase in frequency.  It is a clearly detectable phenomena.  The top curve is the voltage.  The bottom curve is the current.

From the csv (comma separated values) file analyzed by EXCEL, we can get the instantaneous Power curve.

The increase in frequency provides more power peaks and hence more output energy per unit time.  COP greater than 1 occurs at the increased frequency.

The secret to using Lead-out Energy is to stay on the right frequency range.  This can be done by the appropriate electrical circuits.  With this tuning technique, getting high COP values for any given load is no longer trial and error.
Group: Guest
The Shirley Yung winding to produce same FLEET effect.

Apparently, to achieve overunity, we need the following:

(1) LCR to provide oscillating circuit.
(2) transistor to provide pulsing or switching circuit.  Select appropriate values to "resonate/match" with (1).
(3) super capacitor as input to allow frequency to rise and hit on the lead-out energy range.
(4) oscilloscope to display and analyze.
(5) timer or manual re-connecting battery to keep the frequency at the lead-out energy range.

Merry Christmas.  Blessed to the New Born King and his Divine Wine.

Dear fellow researchers:  Just follow the above steps and enjoy your Christmas or study this thread.  There is already enough theory and examples to illustrate the above.  No Power on Earth can stop you.  More data will come from dozens of "volunteers".
Group: Guest
The following was extracted from the 40 files analyzed by Ms. Forever Yuen.  It showed the same characteristics - numerical COP value greater than 1 with the Capacitor alone and with increased frequency.  The prototype was built from components of a Lead-out-Energy Research Kit.  Every built by hand is expected to be somewhat different.  How tight the winding, how long the connecting wires etc. would affect the final result.

We do not seek accuracy here.  We just want to show the trend.

At Minute 2, after the battery was disconnected, the average input power was positive but the average output power was negative.  COP=-0.10
At Minute 5, after the battery was disconnected, the average input power was poistive but the average output power was negative.  COP=-5.85
At Minute 8, after the battery was disconnected, the average input power was negative and the average output power was negative, COP=3.54

The six files are attached.  For those really interested, the 40 files are available for full analysis.  Amen.
Group: Guest
The Input Power curve from Ms. Forever Yuen.  The negative power is clearly seen.
Group: Guest
From: "Piotr Kuznicki" <kehyo77@gmail.com>
Date: Dec 13, 2012 10:49 AM
Subject: FLEET
To: <ltseung@hotmal.com>

Hi Lawrence.

I've been following your development of the FLEET device and I'd like to test it.

I can make replication and share my results on the forum, no problem.
Could you send me a schematic with a description as I cannot find it in your posts.
I am electronics technician and I learnt a lot on my own doing many experiments in the search for anomalies.

I am good with micro-controllers such as Arduino, can program them the way I want etc.

 I really want to make the world a better place, free of charge that is, I feel that is my mission here ;)

Eagerly awaiting  a reply.

Thanks in advance.

Piotr Ku┼║nicki a.k.a kEhYo77


*** The above youtube link showed that he has done excellent work on mganets and coils.
Group: Guest

I am looking for people to replicate the experiments done on Nov 22.  The two files nov 22a.xls and magic.xls are the most significant.
The replication steps include:

(1) Build a standard JT with 1 inch 28 turn toroid.
(2) Put a 2.3V 10F capacitor in parallel with the battery or DC power supply.  DC power supply is better as the voltage can be varied.
(3) Check whether the set up can light up the LED with the battery removed.  The acceptable time is around 20 minutes or more.
(4) Add the  2 one ohm resistors to change the set up into an oscilloscope test ready board as explained in nov 22a.xls.
(5) Use one or two oscilloscopes to save the Input and Output Waveforms as CSV files for EXCEL analysis.
(6) Repeat Nov 22a.xls with the 4 cases.  Case 4 should give you COP > 1 results.
(7) Repeat Magic.xls with the 20 minute run.  Compare the Average Input and Output Values.  You may get the similar result as in magic.xls or get the Forever Yuen Result with Negative Power appearing on Input and/or Output waveforms.  Overunity is implicated in such cases.
(8 ) I am still not sure why - some minor changes such as different connecting wires, different starting voltages etc. gave me big differences in results.  I attribute it to "resonance".  Some forum members objected to my use of that term.

With your skills, you should be able to go a few more steps:
(1) Use the 555 to build a twin timer.  Supply power for a few seconds and cut the power OFF for a few minutes.  Tune according to the results obtained in the above steps.
(2) The life of the AA battery will be prolonged by 10 times or more.
(3) Use rechargeable batteries A and B.  Battery B can be recharged by Battery A (or the capacitor) while lighting the LED at the same time.
(4) Swap the batteries A and B when appropriate (in the order of weeks).
(5) Play with the 2n3055 and 12V car batteries.  You can light up more LEDs, drive motors etc.  Refer to Patrick Kelly's book, Chapter 5, if you need more details.
(6) Produce another version of the Forever Lighted Lamp to benefit the World.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

*** This post is a result of much prayer.  The World will benefit much more and faster with good replicators.  My poor eye sight and shaky hands and bad experimental skills will not make me a good Wine Server.  It is clear that the Almighty has other plans for me - train up more wine servers.

Lawrence Tseung
Help Seedlings Innovate Foundation Limited
Group: Guest
Is it time to leave them the New Paradigm???
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