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exnihiloest recently pointed to a paper by a William J. McFreey that contains a somewhat plausible explanation of the possible operation of TK's and SM's devices. This appears to be a new paper dated Aug 2012.

It is a rather interesting read, but ex has cited errors.

Let's discuss it here and see where it goes.

The motors TK has demonstrated in early videos are certainly odd in construction.

β- decay is always an attractive way to directly generate current from LENR. Pr René-Louis Vallée has proposed a way to do it with his synergetic theory in the 70's (http://jlnlabs.online.fr/vsg/synergetic.htm). Replications were tempted according to this schematic (which is not from Vallée) http://www.rexresearch.com/vallee/vallee.htm but failed.
Unlike the TK's device, the frequency was low, and so, no skin effect should have occured. This point may be important if we want to concentrate the current in a thin section of conductor, in order to get a high current density that could produces the desired effect.
In any case with β decay that doesn't come naturally from a unstable buclear material, but that we want produce, we have to fight the Coulomb repulsion and this is the critical point for the choice of the conductor material and for the design of the setup in matter of engineering the magnetic and electric fields to do it.
The Coulomb barrier may be very high and need more energy than this we can recover after the β emission, nevertheless the energy for crossing the barrier being recoverable, it could count for almost nothing. Some thing like that:

There could be a process that resembles beta decay at work in these devices.

Has any work been done on the β- decay of a Leedskalnin PMH? I have seen a break done 3 weeks later and the LED still lights. The [magnetic current circulates forever] is the mantra. That being said then an iron ring is a permanent cyclotron of sorts. Does saturation of a metal loop equate to the amount of energy stored that is circulating? Or is the saturation a bias that the circulating current is traveling through? Like a different level of energy similar to skin effect but internal.

I have always tried to find the basic process across all the devices and the Freey paper states it beautifully. Although he only attempts descriptions of devices with magnets in them. My thought is replace the magnet with a lc resonant circuit and use that field. Hutchison states he uses the resonant field between 2 Tesla coils and look at the effects he attains. The QuantumPulse coil disperses the radiant streams into discrete diffusion channels of isolated gases. This works like shining light through a prism. It splits up the wide bandwidth of energy separating into the channels of least resistance per bands. This fits nicely with Walter Russel's redefined periodic table of elements.

The magnetic based devices are not overunity due to the extracting of energy from the flux. Decay is evident. Similar in fashion to a very slow break of a PMH. But if the magnets are a fuel source then the COP is a permissible entry into an energy saving ratio that surpasses what we have achieved currently.


--- Quote from: ION on 2012-09-08, 16:43:13 ---...
It is a rather interesting read, but ex has cited errors.

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I read McFreey's articles several times and could not find there a claim that accumulation of charge is due to beta decay or that the reactions are charge non conservative. He only states that there may be charge accumulation due to transmutation reactions. These may include radiation of charged particles to the environment, which leads to charging (see for instance Proc. Roy. Soc. (London) A 88, 471 (1913)). In fact,  McFreey's analysis considers beta decay only as a means of initiating the transmutation reactions.
Also, the processes that McFreey describes have nothing to do with slow moving conduction electrons. The current in the disk material, as described in the articles, consists of fast moving charged particles, near the speed of light, capable of  exciting transmutation reactions. Thus, a claim that “he is confusing the electron speed which is of order of mm/s in a conductor, and the electric wave (near the speed of light)” is artificial. The alleged flaws are nonexistent. If anything, he simply avoids discussing certain nonessential details.


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