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2019-07-16, 21:51:23
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Author Topic: The TPU principle rediscovered!  (Read 73716 times)

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It's not as complicated as it may seem...
The reveal.


Brilliant! Thanks Brad.

May I suggest that you post your video as a response on Lifehack2012's video? Might put a big damper on that jackass's temptations to do more rubbish videos.

Never let your belligerence get in the way of your brilliance!
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Crazy that my first youtube in 2007 was about the wire kick when we were all in the throws of the SM TPU and the kick was a prime subject for months.

So 6 years later here is another youtube on the kick.

The first video was done with litz wire and you can see that litz really wants to move at low frequencies and show itself to the eye. The second video is using a single strand of wire and here you will never see it move with the naked eye but under the microscope, this at least confirms that if the wire has a length that is supported at two points, it does in fact move.


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