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2023-05-30, 05:14:15
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Author Topic: Daniel McFarland Cook discussion board // related to replication  (Read 4017 times)
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Did Just get a reply from Jimboots link


Thank you for your inquiry referenced as above. We have pleasure in
offering subject to our standard conditions of sale as follows:

1. FE005172 Iron Wire Fe 99.5%
Temper : Annealed
Diameter : 1.0mm

Quantity : 1000 m Price : $ 0.762 / m

Lead time - 2 weeks

2. FE005180 Iron Wire
Temper : As drawn
Diameter : 1.0mm
High Purity : 99.99+%

Quantity : 1000 m Price : $ 7.88 / m

Lead time - 6 weeks due to holidays

Terms of shipment Shipping costs included in our prices

Terms of payment: To be agreed at the time you place an order.

We hope this quotation is of interest and look forward to hearing from you.
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after discussing this project today ...I forgot I had wire which was donated a few years back
 about 600 ft roll ? maybe more of 0.250 bald rod, the softest iron wire I ever had my hands on ,
had forgotten I pushed it up into the hill [just a bit] with the pay loader a few years back during a cleanup .
weighs a few hundred pounds .
Digging it out by hand now so as to not mess it up with the machine.

I believe we have enuff to go forward with some tests.

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It's turtles all the way down
"There's gold in them thar hills", well iron anyway. Hopefully not too rusty, but hey, maybe some rust helps!  O0

(my useless post of the day)

"Secrecy, secret societies and secret groups have always been repugnant to a free and open society"......John F Kennedy
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