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2024-06-20, 00:25:53
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Author Topic: Ohmasa Gas - Oh dear!!!  (Read 16513 times)
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Though this is from a few years ago now, in light of ION's recent OU/new science check list, I wanted to rekindle this as it highlights clearly how even respected, educated and presumably intelligent people of some standing can get carried away, becoming totally blinkered and proceed to make ridiculous statements and even more ridiculous claims.


The really odd thing is that Ohmasa has shown nothing new. He makes unfounded presumptions, he has no scientific evidence to back up anything he claims and he clearly has absolutely no knowledge of the wealth of prior art out there.

He claims he has 'invented'  ??? a new gas that can be used to fuel car engines... What?! The Muppet is producing a gas that will run any ICE - well of course he is, it's an explosive mixture for goodness sake! What is wrong with people? The whole story is a total nonsense worthy of a Sterling Allen front page, and as such has absolutely no substance. lol, he has discovered electrolysis - a couple of hundred years too late, me thinks!  C.C  And this from the president of a large Japanese company.  

So, along with magical and mysterious 'HHO', we now have 'Ohmasa gas' along with 'Brown's gas', along with 'Rhode's gas'... anyone else want to put their name to the common-ducted 2:1 stoichiometric mixture of H and O evolving when undertaking the electrolysis of water... or should we just stick to calling it by one of the proper scientific names: Hydroxy or Oxyhydrogen?
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Please don't Construe this "addition" as an endorsement on my part, nor Should you perceive this as  a continued unjustified fascination with all things "ino".

To remove “gender” reference …


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