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2021-04-12, 06:48:20
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Author Topic: Don Smith Earth Electrical System II  (Read 9290 times)
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Anyone know exactly what item # 10 was?  Or #13??

Seems to be deleted from this drawing

#5 battery seems to be an afterthought

the output of the transistor has a dot at each end like maybe there were wires once connected there to what ever is missing..
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Here is the other one where this time #10 has bee deleated
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Not seen these before, it's difficult to make sense of it really, one thing Don liked using sometimes was a dual spark gap (A 3 pin Device) but this is a wild guess.
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I think there is a tesla secondary grounded at one end missing there

Variable oscillator > HV transformer > DC pulse primary > ??? > Grounded tesla coil.

If ??? was a tightly coupled secondary with a sparkgap feeding the final coil you would have a Tesla Magnifying transmitter of sorts
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