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Edwin Vincent Gray's conversion tube

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Hi guy's  :)

Here are some pics of my conversion tube and the capacitors + oil filled transformers.
I have done some testing with intresting results. but more tests need to be done.

Also Here is a nice collection of pictures:



Nice job on the Gray tube. Also looks like you scored some decent HV transformers. What kVA rating are they? And secondary voltage?
Be careful man those things look deadly.....but I'm sure you are very experienced around HV. Hope to see some of those interesting results.


Hi Marco

Good to see you over here, nice build thanks for showing us.


Shows up alot of places.
If this configuration appears with alot of people who made claims, including Telsa(Ahem). Why does this not show up in the experimenters arena?
The perpetraitors of this design copied Tesla.
L1 is 1/4 the length of L2. This means that the L1 drive entails the electron clockwise spin or the magnetic part if the sine.

Hi Guy's  :)


The Transformers put out 3Kv at 6ma.
They are not so deadly...But the caps are  :)
I have 3 of them.


The picture you just posted reminds me of the same setup Eric P Dollard used in his experiments.
He reffers to it as the balanced coil system, and he explaines the charges moves too fast over the windings that there is a chocking effect on the electrons so they can't move that fast and this gives rise to the cold curent...

He also respects the primary divided or equal multiple of secondary coil rules..



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