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Investigation of the materials used may yield another way to achieve the same results.

Chet K:
Hey Mary [@EX}

Google Ken Shoulders Charge Clusters
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--- Quote from: Grumpy on 2013-04-18, 14:29:31 ---Investigation of the materials used may yield another way to achieve the same results.

--- End quote ---

I agree, there needs to be a thorough investigations regarding why these specific materials were chosen. This will put some light on operational mechanism and other possible combinations. I have not the expertise to do this.

I am surprised at the silence of PhysicsProf on this subject, as I would think this is his area of past expertise.

  I would appreciate answers to questions such as I've asked also at EF:

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How do they (any of the researchers in this area) MEASURE the beta / gamma/ neutron emissions? Do they just use dosimeters or Geiger counters, or do they actually measure the energy SPECTRA of the emitted particles? (The latter will give much more information than a dosimeter or Geiger counter can do.)
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EX mentioned above, that the mixture is:

The mixture is not Cd+P+Co powder but Co(NO3)2 6H2O + CdCl2 + 3Ca(PO3)2+10C.
The electrodes are Cu and Zn like in chemical cells.

Co(NO3)2 6H2O*6H2O.html

Cobalt(II) nitrate hexahydrate
Used to make cobalt pigments, invisible inks, catalysts, and vitamin B12 supplements, and for decorating stoneware and porcelain;

Cobalt nitrate, 10026-22-9, Co(NO3)2 ∙ 6H2O, MW 291.032 are reddish-brown crystals, deliquescent in moist air.
Cobalt nitrate has a melting point of 56 °C and decomposes at 75 °C.
Cobaltous nitrate is used in cobalt pigments, catalysts, additive to soils and animal feeds, vitamin preparations, hair dyes and porcelain decoration.
Cobalt nitrate is used for black patinas when applied hot.
Synonyms : Cobaltous nitrate, Cobalt (II) nitrate hexahydrate

Cadmium chloride

"C" is carbon


all have a central atom surrounded by ions


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