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2022-08-10, 16:19:28
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Author Topic: The secret - Why free energy devices work sometimes, and not other times...  (Read 7609 times)
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Hi, I have been at this free enegy/antigravity alt sci thing for a long time.

Initially I was disdainful of the concept of an aether, but I found the evidence overwhelming, so I began studying it solidly near to 20 years ago now.

Only in the last several years have I been able to clearly feel aetheric energy, which is the result of repeated exposure and absorbing of aetheric energy.

Recently I have been trying to work out what makes the difference between a working device, and a non-working one...

I finally have the main answer!!!

I am sharing this because it is something that everyone can use, and it will help hugely in getting success, though you still need the basic device to be sound.

The secret is conditioning!

Conditioning has to do with an aetheric effect, where the energy present at a certain moment is locked in, kind of like the locking in of astrological energies at the moment of conception, or in the crystallization of substance.

What happens is when a physically unique (new) structure is formed in the influence of a certain energization of the aether,  a resonant connection is formed to that moment in time, locking that form into resonating with the energy present at it's creation.

In practice, there are multiple parts to this:

1: Excited aether state
2: Physical energy (that we want to capture, and change form with)
3: A physical object that is modified by the physical energy in the presence of the excited aether.
4: Feedback of the heightened aetheric energy state to make stronger energies. (optional)

An excellent example of this is the account of a steel pyramid that levitated while being welded.

The Pyramid form provided the aetheric energy.
The welding provided the physical energy.
The pyramid being welded provided the physical object being changed.

And feedback would have occured through induction of aetheric flow through the welding equipment, especially if it was electrical welding as I assume.

There are many many ways in which this effect can be seen in various free energy devices.

I am happy to give suggestions, including ways to get aetheric energy involved if anyone wants some pointers.

This can be applied, to wire, coils, capacitors, batteries, magnets and everything else involved.

This also explains why you will find people reporting success only after a lot of concentrated effort, they have unknowingly built up energy, changed form, locked that energy in, then generated a higher degree of energy (since they are starting from a higher energy point) and then made a change and locked that in hundreds of times over until the device has worked.

This also explains why some things can be built, and it works but only with a certain part, the part has become conditioned.

As for changes, changes can be anything, magnetization, heating of wires/burning insulation, soldiering, charging/discharging of electrolytic batteries and capacitors, running electrolytic cells, bending wires, spark gaps (they tend to get pitted), wear of switches...
Etching, burning, heating, oxidizing, changing circuit configuration.

If a person has had a long time experimenting/working with electrical energy and aether, they themselves can be locked into this energy as they have grown under it's influence, this gives them the magic touch so that much less is required to get results.

This effect is real, and not a theory/speculation.

If anyone built a device they know should have worked, but didn't, then ask some questions and try these steps.

Seriously, why do you think it is easier for discovers to get free energy devices to work and so hard for replicators???
The inventor/discoverer didn't just follow some plans and expected it to work 1 minute later, they labored over the device trying to find an effect.

Some one else comes along thinking that the end stage can be copied, but it doesn't work like that.

I created some really strong aetheric energy by scraping a wire over some aluminium foil, as it went over it sparked by trying to put an amp or 2 into the foil, by having it feedback I was abut to create some very strong energies.

I have other fascinating correlations for this, but that is irrelevant, the effect is real and will occur in many free energy devices, it will make the difference, it does make the difference.


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tuning is the right word ,  Tesla discovered that capacitance depends on the elevation above ground, the ground connection could also change parameters and so on
the proper free energy device need adjustable tuning option
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Assuming this was true do you see any way an aetheric energy device could be manufactured in a full scale production environment?   Do you believe this applies to any free energy device?   If what you say is correct it sounds like it would be nearly impossible to ever manufacture large quantities of free energy devices.   
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Assuming this was true do you see any way an aetheric energy device could be manufactured in a full scale production environment?   Do you believe this applies to any free energy device?   If what you say is correct it sounds like it would be nearly impossible to ever manufacture large quantities of free energy devices.   
It might be, but one thing I have found is that you can jump-start, at least the aetheric portion.

So for instance if you condition a piece of metal (might take a day, or a month), and then pass this energy into another piece of metal that is then formed (bent, heated, pulsed with high current) it becomes instantly as strong as the previously conditioned piece.

Additionally I am working on something that seems to have the same anchoring and feedback effect without physical change, I will see how this compares.
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Assuming this was true do you see any way an aetheric energy device could be manufactured in a full scale production environment?   Do you believe this applies to any free energy device?   If what you say is correct it sounds like it would be nearly impossible to ever manufacture large quantities of free energy devices.   
Additionally, one simple way to do this is to put a simple component that puts aetheric energy into a wire especially flowing in the direction of winding progress while the coil is electrically energized also, each turn made will increase the energy as each turn locks in the energy at that moment, and that energy then flows contributing to increased energy stored in the next turn, each turn amplifies the energy.

I had actually noticed this previously while winding coils, but I never understood why and why it was only sometimes, it only works when aether is flowing in the wire in the direction you wind.
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For those willing to do an experiment, I can prove what I am claiming, just ask for details.

But energy couples even with patterns of light as light exists in and structures the aether.

So here are some random chars types in an aetheric energy field, this is what is happening with the components in free energy devices.

You may feel an energy by putting your hand over this:

- *7;+s!]&w2   $d9G;|uc1`"

I know this might sound far out, and some people can't feel this type of thing, but it is very real.
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Here is a spiral that was drawn in series with many other spirals, many many many....

But basically I drew a spiral from outside to center, and then the center of that one to the outside of another, and another, and another...

And once the screen was filled up with spirals, I took the final one, and made that the first in a new series. and on and on.

So if this works right, the energy in the final spiral should make it to you, and should be decently strong.

This isn't tricky, it is pretty simple.

NOTE: click the image so it displays full size.

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@Aether22 -  O0
Yes, exactly and until believed OU has been witnessed it remains as elusive to many as understanding the religious views of a person of a different faith.
The biggy, in my opinion, is that if a person fully believes they have witnessed something extraordinary, it can then be repeated by the person. It's a learning but needs to be actually witnessed and no amount of writing will 'convince' anyone who has never seen such effects.
Sure, many things can be explained away, but there are some things that years later when we've gained knowledge and readjusted own thinkings they still don't make sense.
For myself - I built a pulse motor, supercap powered and was a Hall sensor type. 5.5V 1F supercap that would run the motor for 15 minutes. Indeed, when it carried on past 15 minutes with some tuning change or other was when I deemed it should try and charge a battery etc. I put a completely dead 6V lead-acid on the Avramenko plug type output (a friend had dropped it off, was from one of those childrens powered cars that they sit in). There was a ticking from the rotor of about 3 ticks per second, from somewhere and those ticks increased in frequency as the evening went along. By the end of the night, something like 4am, the battery was running Tesla towers and PC fans and all sorts (I do have videos).
My wife got up in the morning, about 8am and woke me to ask if 'that motor thing should still be running'. I smiled and acknowledged 'yes, it should'.  
Foolishly i'd glued the circuit to the table, having finely adjusted and adjusted the distances for weeks :o
Never did run the same way again.

As well as being familiar from Tesla pancake coil builds, those spirals seem related to the cave drawings seen around the world from antiquity. I linked 2 of them together side by side as loose pancake forms a short while back, similar to how you describe and they work great for wireless electricity experiments :)

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Thanks for the reply Slider, but can you see if you can feel energy out of the spirals I drew?
Just put your hand in front of the images, palm facing the images, hand flat and like making the stop sign directly over it, also try your finger tips and other body parts if you don't feel it, it can feel like warmth, cool, pressure, tingle etc...

BTW I could have captured the energy in a random squiggle, or a pattern of dots or shapes.

That old battery you used would have helped because it would have gained aetheric conditioning as it was in use breaking down.
Electric motors regularly supply an aetheric current, and the battery provides the aging component.

Old wire also corroded more readily and obviously, which would have stored the energy state.

As for the witnessing and belief statement, I both believe (know) and yet I have not witnessed free energy.
And yet there might be a difference in believing and experiencing.

I have experienced and believe in aetheric energy.

I can replicate the latter and show most people it is real (a few just don't feel it), but the former is as yet unachieved by me.

Of course I have witnessed videos of free energy devices, some of which I am entirely certain are genuine, so maybe witnessing is not enough, maybe experience is the thing.
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Some questions or statements are difficult to convey, which is why I made the religion reference earlier. It's the circles we work in, or spirals in this case :)

As to whether the spiral energy can be felt....
Energy pick up and conveyance are quite real, much like sensing a partners mood or for some reason having a 'feeling' about a stranger we've just met. Most people will do such things naturally and yet dismiss this sort of messageboard topic as woo woo fantasy land !
Yet, in my opinion, many parts are very similar. Self tunings, resonance areas that we last properly needed when hunter gatherers eons ago.
For example -  A friend rang a few weeks back about a new build of his circuit and Patented design. He was worried about direction and how financing was going. I said 'place a hand above the finished prototype and tell me what mood it has'. He laughed but decided to try it anyway.
His answer was within 5 seconds and we both said 'happy' at the same time. He couldn't believe that a mood had been picked up, or that I had said the same word at the time he had.....it formed a better connection to his prototype design and a confidence in it too. Confidence to carry forward with, for demo's, investor meetings etc.
In some ways, that is an example of the training up, the infusing that you describe above.
With a click of recognition, the project has started to develop differently. He's now been in talks with a billionaire, has chatted with interested restaurant owners, diving supply shops, other retail chains with great success.

All of this is fluffy rubbish to many readers no doubt, but not to others :)
I would challenge anyone to have an open mind and, in some ways, go all Uri Geller on something at home lol
Try to sense the feeling of a broken object such as a plate or furniture or something electronic like a radio or TV. It's just the same as a comforting arm around a crying child or spouse.
Does the object feel like its life of use is over ? or does it in fact have a forward for the future and you know it will run/fully function again one day ?.  Place a hand over, sense it.
I did something similar with my Coby Kyros tablet. It had failed to boot and would sit on the Coby logo, what they call 'boot looping'. On placing a hand over, it still had a forwarding energy, but there was a block, something amiss. I knew the thing wasn't going in the trash but had no idea how it could be fixed. It took 6 months, took learning about how Android works and the daft protections that Coby had introduced. But by working along with some folks on a forum I one day experienced that regeneration (if you will), it booted up and now works perfectly fine !

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Yes, but Slider, this energy isn't all that subtle, I have had unpowered coils that people have felt passing in public, asking what the source of the energy they feel was.

And plenty can feel energy from mere images.

It is simply the easiest way to share, but then again easy only in the sense of easy access, not easy to accept.
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