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Wesley news #2 Wesley succesfully performs his TK test in a remote location

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Chet K:
Wesley did perform this test in what seemed like South America at a very isolated area  and says it works ,he had posted many pics [since removed] at Stefan's 
he had more to say about the how too

quite certain there will be more to come ,he is being very cautious ATT

again the test
just making a benchmark for an experiment Wesley proposed last week at Stefan's forum [until I can ask him where he wants this Data presented]

I suggest simple experiment :
1.take two grounds ( at best at the distance) ( ground wires must be thick  from 0 to 3 gauge)
a.deliver to one ground impulse ( whatever voltage, whatever shape)
b.measure  if that  impulse is  sensed by second ground by means of close circuit.
that means that  your V meter is connected to both of the grounds.
c.if you do not sense the impulse than increase the voltage and do it again.
d.please look if Voltage or VxA  of impulse at second  ground is stronger in  given time frame.( Look at all DC and AC components.
Oscilloscope and Spectrum analyzer  gives you  information about  frequency distribution, harmonics and its amplitude !!!, bandwidth and distortion)
Look also at time delay and phase for AC or AC component of DC.
e.  Employ spark Gap  ( spark Gap has NEGATIVE RESISTANCE) and HV and repeat  measurement again.
Note :If AC train of impulses is tested than generator  can be:
e'  - floating ( not connected to the ground  by insulation  transformer and impulse is delivered by one  wire only) or ( powered from batteries) ( that includes manually triggered  single impulses as well)
e'' - connected to the electrical ground from  electrical outlet  and powered by batteries
e'''- connected  to/ and powered from  electrical  outlet
f.  create another loop (-separate DC loop) using ground  and check if AC loop is interfering with  DC loop.
Note: make sure that these two   separate AC and DC loops are equal in Voltage .
g. you may decide now to  place in AC circuit tunable LC Network  after you have done all points
from above.  :)
I know what I'm talking about.
The choice is yours.
for lazy folks look from here https://youtu.be/qdJ1V_yDv-c?t=474
for not  so much  lazy folks look  from here https://youtu.be/qdJ1V_yDv-c?t=443

h. if you see difference of potentials  between any of two grounds such as:
h'   -first ground  wire and cold water pipe
h''  -first ground wire and Russian type of heating  system ( cast iron  radiators)
h''' - first  ground wire and  0 from electrical  outlets or combination of it
than  do not think for the moment  why  you have it, but apply primary of Tesla  coil into it ( using LC tunable )  and  measure the voltage  between two ends of secondary using HV probe.
In my link from above for lazy and not lazy folks  I have shown  a Transformer  with the air gap near vicinity of Tesla coil  ( that is our   regular HV from CRT ) ( You may play with one winding only - the  primary.) ( however  if you intend to use secondary  to couple to LC network than , use as low winds  winding section  of primary as possible  ,  to get the highest voltage at secondary)
Air gap acts as temporary energy storage. you can also have LC network connected to it
in general it is not important how device looks like.
- Matching of impedance gives you energy transfer
- matching of resonance  (even without  impedance matching  is like matching impedance, that) means  you have energy transfer :
In resonance all reactances are canceled leaving only pure resistive component  of impedance (resistance) (as if it was DC where  there is none of reactive  components and there is no impedance )that is why it is important to have thick ground wire and if possible thick primary of Tesla Coil.
"thick" means  surface of the wire....( so copper tubing is very much OK) due to  Skin Current for AC.
i. It was  noticed that look with earth connection as earth wire was  few times more battery saving than the same loop  that used two aerial wires
 Please  press https://youtu.be/qdJ1V_yDv-c?t=617, and immediately stop video.  On the left hand side page  on the  top read from words :

    some early experimenters...

it says about telluric generators , telluric current and battery life when ground is imposed .


Think like you are in 1900 ( just for the moment)
Point #2 serves as an explanation of  ground behavior :
* do not omit  "star"

2. Old telegraph from 1834 to 1963 was working based on DC interrupted that means leading  edge and falling edge is your AC component of
DC  from 24 to 36V battery ( original Voltage of US telegraph company spec.)
a. it means  that few thousands miles long line  with return  using earth ground  was powered by this battery( in some places it was direct one loop in other places it was series of loops separated and forming  another loop.)
b. AC and DC coexists  in the ground separate loops not being able to see each other. ( *unless - conditions allows for such interaction)
c. Telluric Current was interacting with all of the loops despite the fact if it  was chain of isolated telegraph loops or just one.  ( but not causing  much of the problems or none or the problems - * applies)
d.  it was noticed that  using  earth as  e return wire ( means of connection) saves battery life  anywhere from 50% to  hundreds of %
Notice : there  is no such thing as more that 100%  of  energy saving that is why some scientist  of that time (1900) where trying to explain earth  as energy  reservoir
e. https://youtu.be/qdJ1V_yDv-c?t=746 VOID schematic has a lot of sense( Thank you Void)

-You looking  for  FE ( Energy for Free)  my friends
American telegraph was making plenty of money ,  not only  because of its business, but because of utilizing natural phenomena  and  saving on cost.
-You want to find what Tariel was/wasn't  about do this simple test.


end quote

also I will be contacting the inventor from previous Earth harvesting post patent

and will report back.


The old rural telephone system was also a single wire
above ground system.  The return 'wire' of the circuit
was earth or ground.  Each rural telephone cabinet used
two Dry Cells (total 3.0 Volts) to power the microphone
connection to a step-up transformer.  A hand cranked
AC Permanent Magnet Generator was used to 'ring'
other customers on your line or to 'ring' the main office
operator.  It worked quite well.

Interestingly, military battlefield communications systems
were nearly identical in construct but used two steel
insulated wires for the connections to each terminal in
the circuit.  Ground was not used because it was well
known that audio signals in the ground could be
intercepted by 'enemy' communications using very
sensitive amplifiers connected to two ground rods separated
by a distance of several meters to intercept the signal.

It is well known that both Audio and Low Frequency RF
signals can be transmitted through the ground for a surprising

The statement in the video that "a negative resistance provides
power to the circuit" is not quite right.  Certain devices such as
vacuum tubes, transistors and specially constructed diodes do
exhibit a negative resistance within a narrow region of their
characteristic curve.  Within that region those devices are capable
of operating as small signal amplifiers where increasing voltage
across the device results in decreased current flow while decreasing
voltage across the device results in increasing current flow.
A power source is necessary to provide the current to take
advantage of the negative resistance portion of the characteristic
curve.  The Wiki explanation is quite good.


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