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Author Topic: Books  (Read 22179 times)

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It's not as complicated as it may seem...
I believe this to be an OK book that has some noted errors. I have not delved into it myself, but the reviews are mixed. Can be purchased for as little as $8 used.

An intuitive, applications-driven guide to electronics for engineers, hobbyists, and students--one that doesn't overload readers with technical detail. Chock-full of illustrations--over 750 hand-drawn images provide clear, detailed instructions on how to turn theoretical ideas into real-life gadgets. Covers integrated circuits (ICs), digital electronics, and various input/output devices; includes a complete chapter on the latest microcontrollers.


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I have this book and consider it to be a good resourse
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I have just finished reading "The fouth state of matter"
To me it was a good book since i finished it and that happens only few times a year because most books are crap.

Maybe we can create some online libary?
But it would take much space my ebook collection is about 50 Gigabyte big.


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For anyone who hasn’t seen this guide by Patrick Kelly, and particularly if you’re new to this field, then it’s certainly worth a read. It does not have all the answers and indeed Kelly never claims this to be the case, he has simply done a lot of work compiling all the information into one place. There are hundreds of pages, and all sorts of useful and relevant information.  There are things that strike chords and get you thinking... and for some people there may just be the thing that fires the spark and triggers a brainwave.

It is by all account an ongoing work, updated and revised as new things develop or new information is acquired. Personally I think the guy deserves a medal.

This is a link to the version 13.6 released 5th Jan 2010.


There are some 13 chapters, providing information about most of the OU devices we will inevitably be dealing with here.

It's free and can be copied. Take a look, you might want to put it under it's own heading.


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Here's an amazing website.

It has free scans of data books and even some old electronics magazines


Practical electronics

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