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2023-09-24, 03:51:30
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Author Topic: Chava marketing an OU Generator M.O. "mechanical Vibration and remote sensing"  (Read 6439 times)
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Here is something interesting ,I wonder if this is what S Hartman was advertising for at OU.Com [""Please vote for Chava and their new tech funding""]

Chava Energy Device works via Mechanical vibration and remote sensing??

*Chava has two U.S. Patents patents aimed at commercialization under the trademark of MagGen™. Patents #7,830,065 and #8,093,869 cover solid-state (no moving parts) magnetic generators. An early prototype produced an output, at a
  • very low power level, of more than 100 times the input.

From  here.

Here is the Chava link mentioned in the above post


and the patent


Graham Gunderson Patent   A Florida company is /will sell it?
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The first is the Gunderson patent and the second is out old friend magnetostriction
for those able to get (and afford) some Terfenol-D.

See Don Smith's work on page 8 and page 10.
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No... not it at all.
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