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Author Topic: Add a beverage antenna or just a long wire to the top of a center tower...  (Read 4700 times)
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...coil in a multiple-coupled coil Don Smith generator design, and have all the power you need...


Here's the Don Smith multiple-coupled tower generator:

Alright, this pictured schematic referred to in the address above is actually a spark gap transmitter, but the second picture down on the page above does illustrate my point well:  Take the 'oscillation coil' on the right-hand side of the drawing and duplicate it by setting several---or many---of these such coils around the central coil in a circle.   They'll all receive electromagnetically coupled power from the cenral coil as the central coil receives power from a very long wire or something like a Beverage antenna.
       Other kinds of antenna will also work.   If you like, GOOGLE IMAGES also has many antannas if you enter 'marconi antenna' on the search line.   As long as the antenna is fairly long, to very long, any wire should work to generate power, either from the Earth's magnetic field or else your local municipal power mains wiring/transmission lines.

I'm going to try and draw a schematic of what I mean and attempt to upload that.   In my spare time, that is.

More later.


P.S.   I'm using this Site and Forum to present this concept because the software will allow successive updates as appended text for an ongoing commentary, if need be.   There's a spell check function as well.   I might start a 'mirror image' thread at...   http://www.overunity.com     ...in their News forum, as well.
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