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--- Quote ---I haven’t experimented with ferrite cups, however, a ferrite rod turns into a permanent magnet quite easy: bring a small magnet to one end and apply HV impulses (pulse) to a coil  (150 windings of ПЭЛ-0.35) wound around the core. The remanent magnetization is evident: tangibly attracts a screw driver (well, not a Neodymium but nevertheless). It’s preserved for a long time – I checked it after two days – still there. A ferromagnetic material which is magnetized in this way can be returned in its initial state (demagnetized) by again applying a HV impulse to the coil without this time bringing a permanent magnet or by causing a reversal of poles by bringing the magnet to the other end. This has been checked personally, practically, more than once.

OK, then wind on a piece of ferrite a two-step autogenerator with an inductive primary coil (it will readily set itself in resonance in different situations) … also another small coil on this core – which we will connect to the primary high-voltage transformer (no diodes, no constant current) … Then, on top of this transformer we’ll place an inductor in the form of a thick copper tube … And we’ll apply HV to that inductor through a meager discharger (inductor should be placed over the coil on the correct side so that it won’t coincide in phase with the autogenerator) …

What did we get … Here’s what we got – autogenerator, by its coil, magnetizes the ferrite in the necessary direction – and here, the discharger  KA-BOOM into the inductor (with the correct direction, naturally) – and the ferrite OOPS has become a S-N magnet (at that we spent almost nothing to achieve it) … now the autogen has chased the impulse in the other direction – and here, the discharger KA-BOOM into the inductor … causing the MAGNET to re-magnetize into N-S … and that’s how it goes cyclically (no discharges would be seen, only a silent ARC … well, at least this is how it appears)

And here we’d like to obtain 50 Hz and not 500-900kHz … we take the HV transformer (we att 50Hz to the frequency of the autogenerator) … that is, every KA-BOOM of the discharger will be different in amplitude … At the output there will be a miracle slapping at 50Hz

Oh, well! There’s also one more question how is to utilize this? – well, correct – we can’t wind on top, a pile of harmful phenomena for us! .. While it’s need that we glue small circles in a column – and wind on them .. while we take of  the load by the Zatzarinski method – with his degenerate transformer (however, without that copper winding) … and just squeeze a thicker copper through the ferrites.

Here’s an immediate question – where can the necessary quantity of free charges be found in copper to supply 5kW. What do we need ground for? (yes, any massive piece of iron; we’ll just push them here and there, won’t take them away forever) …

This Kapanadze called – autoresonance of the primary and the secondary …

And, do you know what the magnetic field must be created – so that the ferrite becomes a magnet without further application of external magnetic field? A rod of 8mm diameter and 2cm length needs on the order of approx. 500W !!!

And when spark is applied only 1W is needed.

The main idea is that we initiate the process from without the toroid (the column of rings) – while we take off the load inside the toroid … And that isn’t Zatzaricin any more … we throw out that copper winding … in our case the role of output coil is taken by that thicker cable squeezed through the rings …

Without 5Hz – ground isn’t necessary … there are enough free charges in the copper to spread HF … you’ll have enough lamps as load (they shine normally at HF) … and to make it self-sustaining NF needs to be rectified through diodes and decrease …

You don’t at all want to accept the fact that magnetic field of the inductors and the magnetic field of the autogenerator coils have to be strictly synchronized … that is, the mutual influence in TAM transformer, on the contrary, is the reverse … this is exactly what SR wanted to tell you with his transformer experiment (applying HV) – so, when the frequency of the discharger coincides in phase somehow with the frequency of the transformer + the domains of the transformer – that’s when the lamp begins to shine brighter.
--- End quote ---


I seem to be a party spoiler these past few days but permit me to comment here.  I am assuming that you are quoting Ted here.  What he says is barely comprehensible to me and is almost gibberish.  If Ted really has something he should post a schematic diagram and a timing diagram showing you whats happening with respect to time for the various critical variables in the circuit.  This should be accompanied by a rational explanation.  If he was really real, he should be able to show exactly where the excess energy manifests itself in the timing diagram.

Perhaps Ted had posted schematics somewhere online.  I seriously doubt that he has any timing diagrams and I can't envision he has posted rational explanations.

One example:

--- Quote ---that is, every KA-BOOM of the discharger will be different in amplitude
--- End quote ---
The guy has got to be kidding.  Nobody that speaks seriously about electronics would ever say anything like this, ever.  The coil got some energy from somewhere, and discharged into some sort of load.  The amplitude and timing of the charging and discharging of the coil should be explained using the proper terminology.  This stuff is understood inside-out in the time domain, the frequency domain, on the S-plane, and in other ways using differential equations that model the behaviour of the circuit.

I once had a similar debate with Doug Konzen (Konehead) about his allegedly over unity motor.  The clip must be more than ten years old by now and the motor is nowhere in sight.  I asked Doug to state where in the timing of his motor did the extra energy manifest itself.  Doug could not answer and he blew a fuse in his head.



The kaboom is at a different amplitude!!! I can tell by looking at it. haha
Thanks for the laugh.

I will never understand people. If I came up with a device that seemed to be OU, The first thing I would do is ask all of you people on here to debunk it, or help find out where the energy is coming from. If you couldn't, then I might start to think, hey maybe I got something here. But the case usually is, when something is presented, there is no free energy present, once more than one mind takes a gander at it.

Being obscure about your claim only reinforces the feeling of deception.

" How many amps does freezer circuit have running through it?"

 About 12 amps

"How do you know?"

I can tell by the KABOOM!

This is going to be funny for a long time.    8)

There is 1.27 gigawatts in the lightning bolt.
How do you know?
I can tell by the kaboom.

Did you run over a possum or an armadillo?
How do you know?
I can tell by the kaboom.

Did your wife hit you in the back of the head with a cast iron skillet or an aluminum bat?
Cast iron skillet.
How do you know?
I could tell by the kaboom.

Hey some here used to be with OU.com
dont guess you can tell by the mass kaboom!

Tariel Kapanadze has stated that Dr. Andrei Milnichenko "was close". It appears Milnichenko was experimenting with resonance at least as far back as 1997. I'm not sure what else might turn up in researching Milnichenko, but we'll see.

Here's something that might be a good start for those that may be interested.



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