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2020-08-10, 06:47:07
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Author Topic: Faraday / N-Machine Style Electrolysis  (Read 3357 times)

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The rather fair "Ouch" one can get off of an alternator stator
without It's rectifier's (X3 WYE/Delta)
combined with proper resonance in bifiler counterwound coils
to inhibit current while letting voltage soar is surely a nice way
to ring a WFC as a capacitor with plain water without an electrolyte
to enhance conduction (Ala Stan Meyer).

But the majority of people that are not electronically inclinded
completely out number the thinking folk
and seem to insist on brute force electrolysis...

so the largest resource of tried and failed/worked data
is in that field (Sadly...).

That may not be a total loss though.

Sifting through a snowstorm of fair ideas
does lead to a few that just seem to work fairly well.

I didn't type all that for nothing.

I just wanted to start a topic that uses
the already large body of tried and true DC cells
but doesn't torture a battery/alternator doing it.
(Or a mis-applied welder or two...)

I had started a topic in what seems to be termed
the 'dark side' by Farrah Day on brushless homopolar ideas.

If the topic concept is welcome here,
I'd like to toss some ideas in for consideration.


Oh, and I spell like crap...get over it...  :P

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