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2024-05-23, 06:07:54
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Author Topic: HHO-the good ,the bad,and the ugly  (Read 64468 times)

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Grum's little Leek gas engine is a beauty and operates on an interesting cycle..  O0

With some care it could be developed into a linear hot gas piston cycle, ditch the rotary crank assembly.  

hhop provides the capability to pump the coolant (hhop electrolyte) and therefore heat, around the loop using working fluid fuel pressure (water electrolyte).

The ignition function can be moved from hhop d/c chamber to hot gas piston chamber.. driving a  secondary cold gas piston linear generator running on a refrigeration cycle from the heat produced.   ;)

hhop provides heat pump fluid transfer to heat exchanger to drive cold gas piston linear generator using an external combustion cycle function to drive the hot and cold gas piston linear axial cycles.


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Hi evolving ape just finished reading through this thread which seems to have been slumbering for a little while. I was looking for an appropriate thread to host some historical information this seemed to fit the bill and is related ,hope you don't mind.

The water car museum
Hard to believe but there was once a museum (in Kentucky) dedicated to the display of water engines, water cars and the technology . As you might imagine such a thing would not be long for this planet.
however the museum did publish an 'in house book' written by the curator James A Robey  and it was issued with a DVD containing  three short (ish) video's .
It was from one of those videos a year or so ago that Brad re-created the 'Santilli experiment' sure you remember the balloons and the pops and bangs, most enjoyable .
I thought perhaps a little more of the same - might inspire more investigation . (and pops and bangs) here then is that now unobtainable book  'The water car' in pdf form. (that takes a little time)
oddly the books still listed on Amazon however order it and - it will never arrive (there is no museum now). The three clips from the DVD I've converted and posted on you tube in the order they were presented . I hope you guys find the information of merit. The videos are not very good quality sorry I had nothing to do with the 'first take' and I can't polish a turd, they are what they are!
  The water car Book pdf  http://dnp.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/c/c4_%24folder%24Water%20Car%2C%20J.A.%20Robey.pdf

Herman Pleasant Anderson water car interview  https://youtu.be/banxZktXrwQ

The Santilli experiment https://youtu.be/PfMHq64CW9U

Bob Boyce interview https://youtu.be/Soc_kZ5ihMw

I'm aware there's plenty of skilled guys in this area on our forum still even they might   find a few nuggets of information hidden away in this book and the video's, I hope so . Interesting to see someone elses take on things anyway . 
Kind regards Duncan

How many more to be .threatened, abused murdered, Their research in the hands of evil corporations intent on total control ?
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