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2024-06-20, 01:22:21
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Author Topic: Sciatica and cobwebs on the bench !  (Read 5214 times)
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To anyone wondering...

About 10 days ago I sneezed, while reading this board in fact.
What felt like a lightning bolt shot through the base of my back, along with the intense weight of an African elephant.
A self check happened, as some may know from car crashes or other times when the mind does a base check on whether limbs are still connected.
Apparently I made monkey noises 'uh, ooh, ahh ah, ooh' sort of thing and that was it, out of action.
It took several minutes for my wife to get me from the livingroom to the bedroom (mind you there was no candle lit dinner involved lol )
A sharp tug on the nerve bundle seems to be what frayed that sheath that protects the nerves and why the pains in the leg are there. It's most certainly a pain in the butt, as well as thigh and calf. Walking results in an involuntary excellent impression of Joe Cocker when he sings.

For about the past 6 months now, the old car accident injury from 1997 that gave an S shape to the back has flared back up and bench time has been very much hampered. So there is no lack of drive going on or wandering interests etc, but sitting for any length of time has me looking like a little kid who needs the toilet !

Apparently grapefruit oil can repair the sheath that surrounds the nerve bundle in the base of the back and I might as well try it.

If anyone has other remedies or experiences of sciatica, please do chime in and perhaps tips for coping can be shared :)

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So sorry to hear about your painful problem, my friend.

When I had Rocky Mtn Spotted Fever (RMSF) last fall, my nerves and joints were going bad... four numb fingers, 3 on right hand, 1 on left.  That was nerve damage, confirmed by the "shock-conduction" tests.
But evidently caused by the ricksettia bacteria that attacks blood vessels which in turn hurt these nerves.

Fortunately my brain was unscathed!  (I think, lol)

Took 3 months to properly diagnose and treat.  Recovery has been slow, but definite.
Meanwhile, I took various things to help the nerves and they seemed to work. You may wish to google some of these - seemed to help me.

Vitamin B6 and C (calcium ascorbate) and B12
Magnesium citrate
Herb capsules, cayenne, garlic, turmeric, ginger - highly recommended.
I went to a wholistic doctor.

Lemons, cantaloups; those peppers of yours might help also!
Best wishes,
PS - a letter on its way to you; thanks for the habaneros! delicious

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Add to that list whether you are healthy or not:




I'm most certain I would be currently taking a permanent dirt nap without them.

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chiropractor and/or accupuncture
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Thanks chaps :)

@Steve, am glad the habanero's got there ok, they make me cough and writhe a bit too much so are off the menu for a while. Body popping was something from the 1980's and no good for a guy with a bad back. Wife things i'm nuts anyway for growing such things.
Happy to hear of your recovery too, must have been scary there for a while.
Folks do say that pepper mixed with turmeric is a strong anti-cancer treatment..... I take turmeric tablets, so should hopefully keep such things from knocking on my door.
Oh wait, that's a line from the Carnivora advert !

@Grumpy, once had a couple of sessions of acupuncture. It didn't hurt at all and was really interesting. My wife worked at the docs office at the time, which was handy because he simply offered a couple of free treatments.

We had a storm last night and the tree at the side of the house fell over into the road. I shot outside on seeing it this morning (a slow shot, if you see what I mean) and started moving branches. Not a good idea. I had no idea that even with careful squats to pick up the lighter branches that i'd not be able to stand up  :-\
Might build a walking stick with the wood and put a crystal radio coil around the outside  8)

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