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2023-09-24, 05:53:40
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Author Topic: Partnered Output Coils  (Read 350269 times)
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Hello and thank You for the invitation to enter this forum! Thanks Grum!

I started trying to share information with people over at ou.com but got the troll treatment and got sick of it!

The Link is here: http://overunity.com/15395/partnered-output-coils-free-energy/

I no longer will post there!


Some background on me and what I have worked on!

I have worked for some 15 odd years on attempting to replicate the Floyd Sweet VTA.

For some 5 odd years before that I was just researching and collecting material on these and other devices.

I run hyiq.org and have tried to collect and share the most relevant information I have been able to find for the best devices I have been able to get details on!


This is how I started the thread over at ou.com:

This thread is for those interested in moving ahead with Free Energy!

Experiments and serious discussion only!

Data: http://www.hyiq.org/Downloads/Guidelines%20to%20Bucking%20Coils.pdf

Video 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJsVSMQqCOM

Video 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhQgch4L5XY

Video 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSadMqEnO7I

Video 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-V1z2TdQJA

Also Required Study: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcGWO_x8tpM and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9m86joRSMg

Some information already Posted to: http://overunity.com/14974/magnet-myths-and-misconceptions/1125/#.VLigOU0fqUk - from about page 76 on. Childish Games were apparent before this point  :'(
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Hey Chris! Welcome. I'm the Melbourne bloke who offered to buy you a beer on YT.
Love your work. Pretty sure I've watched and read everything you've published.
Great that you are here. Ive found OUR to be supportive and devoid of personal attacks :)
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I started to try to emphasise the importance on exactly How an EMF is produced on the Terminals of a Generator!

It is key to understand how this works to understand how my Technology Works!

It is Magnetic Force that Separates Charge Carriers, the Lorentz Force, the Magnetic Field (B) moving with Velocity (V) at right angles to a Conductor, puts a Force on the Charges (Positive) (E), at right angles to B and V!

I must emphasise, what I am sharing is not new!

This Technology has been around for a long time!

What is new, is the sharing of how it can be used to do so much more than what has been assumed in the past! In my pdf document I have given credit to just a few of the names that have shared their bit in history!

Hi JimBoot! Was meant to be to come here!
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Hey Chris!

Good stuff you have been doing.

Erfinder made a comment the other day, that the Lenz effect we see in transformers, motors, generators, etc, is due to the way we wind inductors.  The self-inductance in coils of wire where opposing magnetic forces are right there in the individual loops is the whole reason we have to deal with Lenz Law in the first place.

This really got me thinking.  I've been trying my darnedest to come up with two types of new devices:  One that is really good at turning an electrical current into a magnetic field and another that is really good at taking a magnetic field and turning it into an electrical EMF.  And in doing this, I'm trying very hard to completely avoid self inductance.  So far I haven't made a lot of progress, but I'm feeling a sense of optimism that it can in fact be done.  If it can, I'm quite certain we could see complete machines that can produce more than they consume.

What's your take on this idea?  Is it worth fussing with?
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Hey Matt,

Yes Sir, if you are keen to see something amazing, then this is a place to start.

The worlds most efficient "Electric Generator" is  99% efficient! This means 99% of the Mechanical Force applied to the Shaft is to over come Lenz's Law to achieve the Output Energy.

Lenz's Law is very simple to over come!

How my Technology Works:

Starting at the start, imagine 2 Coils, a Primary and a Secondary, standard Transformer type arrangement....

Input supply's Voltage and a Current to the Terminals of the Primary Coil.

A Load is applied to the Output (Secondary Coil)

The Load draws a Current from the already Separated Charge Carriers!

A Flowing Current constitutes a Magnetic Field!

The Secondary's Magnetic Field Vector (Arrow Direction) is in the opposite Direction to the Primary Magnetic Field!

IMPORTANT: This Magnetic Field is Still a Magnetic Field Changing in Time! It could be considered ANOTHER Primary Magnetic Field!

Now we introduce the second Coil in our Partnered Output Coils, this Secondary Coil will see the same change in time of the Magnetic Field (From the Secondary)

This also induces Charge Separation in this Coil, drawing Current from the already Separated Charge Carriers will again constitute a Magnetic Field that will oppose the Secondary, but will re-in-force the Primary!

Please watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-V1z2TdQJA

This video shows the above description, but also shows animations at the same time!

To Start:

Use a Power Amplifier, something like: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/180W-180W-2CH-12V-Small-Stereo-High-Power-Amplifier-for-CD-MP3-Car-Audio-Home-/400586923881?pt=AU_Electronics_Audio_Amplifiers&hash=item5d44d75f69

Drive it with a Function Generator, cheap Sine Generator

Employ Non Inductive Resistive Load on the output - This makes life so much easier.

Tune and play with to find what your device likes and doesn't like!
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High Chris, welcome aboard

Yes OU.com just makes my blood boil, and it gets worse by the day, here we are normally civil "we agree to disagree" ;D


Mike 8)

"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed, second it is violently opposed, and third, it is accepted as self-evident."
Arthur Schopenhauer, Philosopher, 1788-1860

As a general rule, the most successful person in life is the person that has the best information.

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Dear Chris.

No problem and welcome to OUR.  That thread had turned in to what my dear mother would have called a " Bun Fight " !!

The only problem is, I am now being assailed with requests for membership here !!  ;)

I hope you will be able to proceed at a more pedestrian rate and share your COP > 1.7 claim to a more level headed audience. I agree with Mike's sentiments entirely, OU.Com has gone " To the dog's " !!

Cheers Grum.

Nanny state ? Left at the gate !! :)
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welcome,and as Grum has said here we pride ourselves in respect
as well as good and valid measurement protocols.

Looking forward to your contributions,  I know Mags is Looking at this and
at least one other fellow here ,{however he is a bit busy ATM}
   actually most regulars here keep VERY busy.

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Hey Matt,

Yes Sir, if you are keen to see something amazing, then this is a place to start.

Lenz's Law is very simple to over come!
IMPORTANT: This Magnetic Field is Still a Magnetic Field Changing in Time! It could be considered ANOTHER Primary Magnetic Field!

Please watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-V1z2TdQJA

Sounds very similar to the Lenz Locker Transformer concept I have been experimenting with.  Hmmm....   You mention in your video the typical turns ratio of transformer is no longer in effect on the current side, that is rather astounding.

So let me ask, I have a real nice Amorphous C-Core I used to mock Bill Alek's Split Flux Transformer, do you suppose this core would work with your concept, or does the core need to be open on each end?

I have a nice PA amp and signal generator I used for testing Bill's device; sounds like I can use this setup unaltered.  Would I instead want to drive your bucking coil arrangement with DC?

I'm also guessing the COP of this device is limited to about 2.0, be that the case, have you tried multiple stages to see if you increase even further?
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Hi guys! Thanks a lot for accepting my membership. I wish you the best.
Group: Guest
Hey Mike,

Yes Sir! ou.com is such a house of Trolls!

Problem is there are also a lot of good people there too! They miss out now because of the Trolls!

Thanks for you kind welcome!
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To me important is if the partnered coils design can :
- always the same input power for small and huge load attached to the output
- the ability to multiplication of current on output without changing voltage (1:1 ratio)

such constructe dtransformer will be easily converted into OU device
Group: Guest
Hey Grum,  ;)

Yes Sir! A "Bun Fight" it was!

I really cant understand why! I mean I am not introducing anything that's not already known, its just that its potential is not understood by many!

Sorry Grum, I have been also asked about Membership, I will find out what needs to be don't today to help those out and of course yourself  ;)

Yes it surely has!

These devices can very easily produce more Output Power but the problem is that it must be Learned. It cant be expected! The reasons will become evident as one is to experiment on this. I have spent 5 Years learning this and still have a lot to learn.

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Hey Chet,

I can see just reading a few posts that this is a much better, higher standard crowd!

Yeah this forum seems to be full of constructive People! Thinkers and Workers!

Thanks for you kind welcome!
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Hi Chris,

And welcome aboard! :)

It is been a while you was off the radar in Skype and I wonder if you have test unit already for concept you are representing here. With bucking coils also the whole Kapanadze aquarium coil has its merit and is not too far from your concept...

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Welcome to the OUR forum. :-)

You did say (on the other forum) that one should expect that 1 of 10 builds will work.
Have you done any research to find out the parameters that give you a higher chance to get it working?

Group: Guest
Hey Matt,

Yes, if I had known about some of this simple basic stuff before, I could have saved a ton of money on past experiments!

Still I learned a lot along the way!

I would suggest that you actually keep at the "mock Bill Alek's Split Flux Transformer" - This does work! Its real! Its a bit complicated and hard to wind but it works!

Bill Alek is using the same concept, exactly the same! Its a long storey, but many people through History have used this concept!

Do you know why this concept works? Do you know How this concept works?

Sorry, I am full of Question answers.

How - I explained above
Why - As an "Electric Generator", it Pumps Charge Carriers via the Lorentz Force, Lenz's Law if a by product of the already available EMF and only rears its head once a Current is drawn!

Lenz's Law is not the Cause of the EMF, it is a Result!

Lenz's Law is a Reflected Magnetic Field back on the Source as a result of Flowing Current!

Its so exciting that we now have such an understanding, it opens doors, experiments are now possible that were not before!
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Good to see you here Jeg!
« Last Edit: 2015-02-02, 02:00:18 by EMJunkie »

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A first shot at this bucking coil configuration from EMJunkie; low output compared to the input, as expected with bucking coils

The screenshot is a sweep from 50Hz (left) to 5KHz (right); blue input from SG (20Vpp), yellow output across a 100 Ohm carbon resistor (900mV).

Video here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWdPYxvEDIA&feature=youtu.be

Regards itsu
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Hi Forest,


- always the same input power for small and huge load attached to the output

Yes agree, this really is necessary and is the end goal! However, in saying this, I always try to keep in my mind "Don't be too Greedy!"


- the ability to multiplication of current on output without changing voltage (1:1 ratio)

Yes, if output Load is resistive, then Voltage x Current = Watts = (E)Joules / (s)time - If the load is not resistive, then we must account for a phase angle to get the Watts.

Output can be many times more than the input! I have explained Why above  ;)

This is really exciting, we live in perhaps the most exciting time for many Millennia! This is the age of the Atlanteans come in full Circle!
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Hey T-1000,

Yes, its been a busy time, lots of work, and also trying to share as much as I can also!

I see and have heard that you've been busy too! Nice work!

I hope, time permitting, we can all build the future we are all capable of reaching! Its such an exciting time!

Thanks for your warm welcome, I am very happy to be part of this forum  O0
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Hey GroundLoop,

Thanks for the warm welcome  ;)

I think it is really important that people don't get their hopes up! High expectations and not enough Patience leads to misery - I am sure we all know how this feels!

I like to see it as follows: One has to bring it to Life, not expect it to live. It could be seen as a Living Machine, with a Heartbeat.

This might sound silly, but it is true, its how I got to where I am today. I still have a lot to learn! The first build may not work, it takes some playing with. I don't know exactly other than what I have already described, E.G: Time and Loose Coupling to let Magnetic Fields Build.

Requirements are:
Loose Coupling (Leakage Inductance)! One has to let the Magnetic Fields Build other wise the device will be Choked off if you like.
Reasonable turns: 200 on each Partnered Output Coil Approx (18-22) Approx 40-60 Turns on the input (28-32) Approx
There are no real limits on the device, many variations exist and I have not by any means test them all..
Frequency: Floyd Sweet said to Walt Rosenthal 60 - 400Hz - I have seen 20 - 600Hz is the approximate range.
Many other effects are seen at other frequencies.

I am still learning as I go, I don't have all the answers, but am getting there slowly.

Important for all:
This Technology works Exactly like a Conventional "Electrical Generator"! The only difference is, it is Lenz's law Free, or Reduced, and that Charge Carriers Are Separated under slightly different conditions! See my pdf for more details.

There is No Magic, No fancy words to describe it, no amazingly "new source of Power" its all standard Science, done in a slightly different way than what we are used to!

Please read this more than once! It's really important to see! A friend of mine suggested I read "The Sea of Energy in which the Earth Floats" - I have read it before, but had a much less understanding of the concepts involved all those years ago - Moray says exactly the same as I have just said.

Energy is Matter compressed by C (the Speed of Light) = E = MC^2

Electric and Magnetic Field's interact with Matter.

The Lorentz Force shows how the Magnetic Field can interact with Matter (Charge) and Separates it.

Knowing these facts is going to save a massive goose chase for so many people!
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Hey Itsu,

Excellent work! Very Nice!

A few things to try,

First, lower the resistance on the Output:

As you will likely already know, the Magnetic Field of a coil is calculated: Magnetic Field (B) = Permeability (ยต) x Turns Density (n) x Current (I)

This is really important to get the Fields Up! We need Large Magnetic Fields to interact with each other in the building in the Coils! So a Good number of turns, reasonable Current and reasonable Magnetic Fields will follow!

Second, if this does not improve, try to gap the cores slightly more. Maybe a 1mm spacer or so. Or even removing the existing spacer? This seems to depend on the direction of the turns from one Coil to the next. I explain more in my pdf, but basically, the Windings on the Partnered Output Coils will determine the Gap, E.G: if there is one or not and how big it needs to be.

Third, can you please send me a close up pic of the Partnered Output Coils?

See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhQgch4L5XY


(How does the YouTube Tags work?) Ah got it: Just add the very last part of the video URL : "ZhQgch4L5XY"

Very nice, I recommend for everyone closely watch the video, it shows a lot of what I have already said!

Aim for, at low frequencies, the Partnered Output Coils should Chatter! You should hear and also feel the noise and vibrations!

Just like in a Electric Generator, higher the Magnetic Field, and all other parameters, the more Separation of Charge Carriers.

Beautiful Work Itsu! Thank You!
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It's not as complicated as it may seem...

Do you have any coils presently built up that exhibit COP >1?

If so, is there a video link where you show this?

Group: Guest
Hey Poynt99,

The same Poynt99 from ou.com I am guessing?
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