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2021-10-23, 15:28:36
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Author Topic: Erfinder's multi-strand bucking generator coils  (Read 27399 times)
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Hi Erfinder,
Your line is something that i haven't encounter anywhere online so i'm really pleased to read it because of the fact that 100% of my pulse motors are air core driven and like 90% of my generator coils are air core ones... O0


Since we are both using air core coils in our generators, placing us somewhat on the same page, the only real question that remains is if I am happy with my results and you are not, what is the fundamental difference between our methods?  

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I just became aware of the "Power and Creed thread. 


I was hoping that this would be a place where the learned and the unlearned alike could meet and share ideas.  A place where like minds come together and share their experiences, and impressions independent of a validation of a claim.   At times I feel I am mistaken, for creativity is welcomed, however, it is limited to what is known and firmly established.  So many brilliant ideas blown off only because the individual has his own direction and that direction doesn't originate out of sound scientific practices.  This places the vast majority, the uninitiated, in a position where we are forced to walk on egg shells in word and deed.  I don't know about the vast majority, but I cannot appreciate being told directly or indirectly to be creative, within the limits of what is acceptable?  I have no problem with the established, the laws should be must be adhered to, however, the laws we govern each other with are not the laws which govern the universe, they cannot be because they were made by men.  Don't get me wrong, these man made laws have helped us do some really fascinating things, however, they cannot be the last word.  It is not wise for a group of like minded individuals meeting in some remote corner in cyberspace to limit themselves by anything, least of all laws and standards which were agreed upon by another group of like minded individuals who met in some remote corner of the globe long before us. 

Anyway....I sincerely hope I haven't offended anyone with this post, I also apologize here and now to anyone who may have picked up this or any experiment which my posts may have inspired.  I am not looking for overunity, nor free energy, what I want is what was promised to us all by those visionaries of the past, their descriptions of the future vastly exceeded overunity and free energy, one of my favorites was stated by Tesla, when he spoke about connecting our machines to the very wheel work of Nature.

I can and do appreciate the high standard that this forum represents, it is refreshing to be in an environment where there is a standard, and that all are asked to hold themselves to this standard.  Where all are working towards a goal, in my opinion the majority who visit and share their ideas (something I am guilty of) are not necessarily working towards the same goal, however, a goal is better than no goal, the latter being what is experienced on all other forums.  Ladies and gentlemen, I am not qualified to perform any type of measurement, and after reading through the countless battles with regards to this subject, its clear to me that there are only two or three who bounce between the forums (where thousands frequently share their ideas and make unsupported claims, and claims which are outright bogus as far as standard measurement practices are concerned) which can even be considered as authority figures in that subject.


Having read the document and contemplated on the request being made therein (referring to the above link), I humbly request that all research in directions that my posts suggest be stopped immediately and any and all threads dealing with conjecture originating from myself directly or indirectly be removed.  I have no intention on complying with "accepted" power measurement practices.  This should come as no surprise, since I have been here I haven't posted a schematic, nor been forthcoming regarding how I do what it is that I suggest.  With that being said, all that I have posted must be considered as being complete conjecture and speculation of the highest art. I have no desire to comply with the guideline in the future either, and in stating this, I hereby condemn myself to being banned from participating on this forum.

If possible, forgive me for wasting your time if you feel your time wasted reading my posts or in your attempts at replicating effects demonstrated in my videos.

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This Forum is called Overunity Research

You state in a very clear and concise manner that your research
is Not about measurements and all about investigation , This does Not place you in the "making an OU claim " category !.

I believe you have been quite honest about that from the onset?

here you are doing and suggesting Research ,you have made no specific claims at all ?



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I just became aware of the "Power and Creed thread.  



I'm not posting much, but I'm reading every interesting topic here, as I did the in last nearly 10 years. I stopped visiting OU as I remember after the Mylow saga, so my only Overunity forum is this. I had "fights" with some people here, mostly because of my immaturity I guess, and there are still members here who I hate (hi Grumpy  :D )  C.C.

The reason why I'm still here, because I know, if I will have something in the future which worth to share, and I intend to share, these LAW maker OU hater bad boys could verify what I claim is true or not. You can have any crazy daydream theory about why your setup works as it do, you can claim all day our physics is wrong or anything you want, the real truth is, Power measurements done or guided by a competent person does not lie!

Most of what I know today about electronics, related physics, etc,  I know because of these guys (the competent ones), who are guided me into the real world  with their posts. It doesn't mean I don't have crazy theory's, or I don't experiments on my own, I do all of it, but I do know also  how important are the measurements to check the reality of my thinking. Without measurements, you simple don't have an idea what your circuit doing in terms of power transfer/conversion/generation (power in, power out, be it mechanical, heat, anything). What else do you know then? In a such electrical circuits, the amount of energy which can drive things, or converted to other form of energy, doesn't smell much, so if you want to check what's up, you gotta do what you have to, or you can daydream several years more, and wake up one day, or not... it all depends!

Everybody must follow their own path in the OU scene,you can be a mentalist who doing his experiments governed by his "senses", you can be Poynt who probably know his  breakfast bowl of cereal pieces average size also by looking at it (if not he will do the measurements soon :D) , but in the end we all working for the same goal. To create a device which can make more out, bla bla bla. you know the drill!

Where I'm going with all this BS? Here: Nobody wan't you to leave, I think most of the guys here are very patient with peoples, also with the ones who post stupid things (tseung still here) , or half understood things interpreted in a wrong way, but when anybody claiming Overunity in a post, and doesn't post the necessary information's so others can replicate and a measure what's happening, doing it in purpose to hide something.Surely it's getting noticed,so questions follow, until the truth comes out,  you know why? Because these guys believing also, and with their professional knowledge, they able to check what's happening in the circuits.

You all have to understand the meeting point between these different worlds in the OU scene (professionals, competent amateurs vs the others), the power measurements, because it will prove if you are right, and they can do it right! It is that simple. To be able to measure, you have to provide! If you are the mentalist or an open minded amateur , you will get help here for sure to make good measurements, which are absolute necessary if you thinking you having over unity  power available. As an add on, if you serious, you will learn a lot from them in the process!

Any other experiments, like wave "converters" , air coil motors, we are all interested also!I'm sure lot of peoples will read and follow your posts, ideas will jump around openly, privately, induced by your work. Nobody expect you post anything , which you dont want! You can run away also, anytime, to be honest I doesn't care!

I don't except any response from you, so don't waste your time typing to me, I just had to say out loud some thought which going around in my head when I read posts like yours. (I learned to skip Allcanadian posts already  ^-^ )

Everybody have fun!
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"A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away." Antoine de Saint-Exupery
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I said it once already, what you are suggesting with the single layer coils doesn't work for me.  I have demonstrated that one requires very little inductance to demonstrate the acceleration effect.  From this demonstration, one could conclude that I could do this with much less wire, and they would be right.  However, the coils opposition to change in current isn't what interests me, I am more interested in the coils opposition to change in potential, the capacity of the coil has my attention.   Where are we told to look for the capacity?  Between the turns, so, please leave me with my high turns  count, assume that I have at least general idea of what I want and how to get there.  I reiterate, that you would be of better service to yourself and others if you did the tests you are suggesting,  your suggestion removes that characteristic that I want.  

You think it's funny that the RPM isn't considered prior to starting the tests, no coil or core material involved.  In what real world situation do you find this being done?  There is no such thing, manufacturers of generators and motors alike don't deliver any data regarding how much power is required to overcome the interaction between magnets and core material.  If that is something you are interested in then please by all means perform that test and post your information.  I don't think we need concern ourselves with it, and my reasoning is simple, it's a desired interaction.  

There are two points of interest for me in a generator or a motor, two very specific geometric locations, the first being the point of maximum induced potential, this is the point of maximum flux change, the second being the zero crossing, the point of maximum flux density.  I have this crazy idea that one relates directly to inductance and the other to capacitance.  Existing geometric relations dictate that during the induction process, the two will never be in phase.  In my deluded mind, this is one of the main reasons why we don't experience drag in a non shorted electrical circuit.  Let the truth be told (truth as I see it), there is current flowing in that non shorted coil, we know there is but for some strange reason refuse to accept this as fact.  We have one example of such a condition where current can and does flow in an open circuit.  There will be one or two who will dispute this unsubstantiated theory, but it won't change how I view the situation.

I find it humorous that it was you who recognized that the coils were set further back from the rotor magnets in my demonstration, but you still haven't verbalized what setting the coils back demonstrates and or facilitates.  In moving them back the exact geometric location of the point of maximum induced potential was changed.  By setting the coil further back on the core, the point of maximum induced potential was brought closer to the zero crossing, geometry initiated phase shifting.  Ultimately by moving the coil back we come closer and closer to phase aligning the point of maximum change in flux with the point of maximum flux density, resonance from the perspective of the magnetic forces both primary and secondary.

Do you know where I am trying to go with all this?  If you do, then why are you trying to improve on it?  If you don't know where I am going with this, why are you making suggestions which would not lead to where I want to go?  You don't know where I am going with this but would like to think you do.  I know what I want, do you know what you want?  I don't copy and paste, I am a deluded layman, I am doing this, these are my thoughts, and my ideas that I am sharing with you.  

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