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2023-03-24, 15:35:26
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Author Topic: Engines  (Read 1546 times)

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Buy me a cigar
Well the postie has been busy of late, several items have arrived for the new motor.

The horizontal tube will need some serious trueing before we can call it a cylinder. It has a welded seam which puts the bore out by several Microns. Once trued an honed I can then order the nearest size of solid PTFE round bar to make the piston. I’m going to keep the same diameter right through to the crankpin, effectively piston and conrod, all in one. Being PTFE a simple 8 mm hole will suffice for the big end bearing.

I would like to keep the engine as near autonomous as possible so the Piezoelectric gas cooker ignition device will be operated by an eccentric off the crankshaft. This eccentric will be fixed by a grub screw to effect ignition timing.

Sadly the temperature’s here are still a little low, the brightly burning coals of the living room fire are definitely more alluring.

Cheers Graham.

Nanny state ? Left at the gate !! :)
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