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2020-08-05, 20:26:43
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Author Topic: Zero Carbon foot print Nano magic  (Read 1262 times)
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Were this technology ramped up for commercial or municipal use, it could provide a viable alternative for utility-scale batteries, like the one's Tesla sells. That is, in times of excess energy production from renewable resources, rather than store that electricity in a giant battery, we could instead convert it to ethanol and use that to power generators when renewable sources aren't producing. Plus it would be carbon neutral since the carbon dioxide generated from burning the ethanol would be reclaimed by the catalytic process. There's no word, however, on when this accidental invention will make it out of the lab.

also being discussed here


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When I brew Alcohol to drink the byproduct is carbon dioxide, which is convenient because during the very
active period when a lot of CO2 is produced I pipe it into my grow tent to enhance the growth of my tomatoes
and other veggies. Any "waste" alcohol I produce at a high enough ABV I use for cooking.

Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant. Plants need it, the more PPM the better up to a quite high level.


Better to try to reduce other actually harmful pollutants.

Having said that, securing a more stable power output from any solar or wind powered electrical generating
facility is very good. If it can be done efficiently considering all costs then that is even better.



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Very good points FarmHand!

The Real Pollution which is destroying our Planet exists
in the form of Corrupted Politicians, Mega-Corporations
and their politically favored destructive practices which
maximize Profits.

Among those Destructive Practices is the never-ending
need for War.  The chemical by-products of perpetual
war including the Weather Control War are very bad for
all life on Planet Earth.

The Love of Money truly is the Root of all Evil.  Our Planet
and its Peoples are suffering as a direct result.

Carbon Dioxide is a necessary food for all Plant Life.

The animal mind ALWAYS reacts to what it does not understand. This is what sets dogs barking. If you are going to tell the truth, you are going to have to be okay with barking dogs, because they will harry your passage until you pass through town.
Les Visible - 27 February 2020
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