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2024-05-23, 07:37:34
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Author Topic: Chris Strev's work  (Read 12378 times)
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I didn't know where to put this so it is temporarily here.

Chris Strev has a few videos demonstrating something interesting. Fusion or not the approach is similar to a few others we have seen i.e using an high power RF field in this case acting on Hydrogen gas and supposedly getting transmutations. Some of his other videos show a better front view of the device.

He gets a lot of "not really fusion" in the comments.

He had a website which is now broken.


Regards ION

p.s the big glass thing is only a vacuum capacitor, and he has just a couple of turns around the (black) glass tube with the hydrogen inside. He monitors the VSWR to see power pumped back into the transmitter from the reaction?

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