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2021-12-07, 13:10:34
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Author Topic: Breaking Newtons 3rd Law ..Space drive passes Peer review 'Launch scheduled  (Read 1478 times)
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If this discovery pans out it will clearly demonstrate that
Newton's 3rd Law is incomplete.  Our Science still does
not fully comprehend all that is possible. :o

But then, many of us already knew that... ;) C.C

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A friend of mine recently mentioned privately that hhop ignores thermodynamics, pretty much.. I nodded yes.. smart observation that was  O0

So this is interesting:


On the NasaSpaceFlight.com, those allegedly involved in the project claim that the reason previous EmDrive models were criticised were that none of the tests had been carried out in a vacuum.

Physics says particles in the quantum vacuum cannot be ionised, so therefore you cannot push against it. But Nasa's latest test is claimed to have shown otherwise.

'Nasa has successfully tested their EmDrive in a hard vacuum – the first time any organisation has reported such a successful test,' the researchers wrote.

'To this end, Nasa Eagleworks has now nullified the prevailing hypothesis that thrust measurements were due to thermal convection.'

RF resonant cavity thruster


A radio frequency (RF) resonant cavity thruster is a proposed type of electromagnetic thruster in which electromagnetic radiation is confined to a microwave cavity, and provides thrust to the cavity in a particular direction as the radiation reflects within the cavity.

Such a thruster would be a type of reactionless drive, providing thrust from electricity without consuming a propellant. This would apparently violate the conservation of momentum,[1] leading most physicists and propulsion experts who look at such devices to dismiss them as impossible.[2][3] If such drives existed they could revolutionise many aspects of transportation, particularly spaceflight, where propellant is a limiting factor.[4]

RF resonant cavity thrusters in particular have been promoted by two inventors who have founded companies around their design: Aerospace engineer Roger Shawyer designed a resonant cavity thruster he called the EM Drive, and Chemical engineer Guido Fetta designed a thruster he called the Cannae Drive.[5][6]

A team at Xi'an's Northwestern Polytechnical University (NWPU) reported observing a small but significant thrust,[7] but later retracted the claim after identifying a measurement error.[8] With an improved setup they were unable to measure any significant thrust.[8][9] A team at NASA's Eagleworks laboratories has carried out the most detailed analysis of such thrusters to date. In 2014 they reported a small thrust,[10] close to their margin of error, and are continuing experiments to remove possible sources of noise.

Most experts remain skeptical of the drive.[citation needed] There has been particular criticism of claims in the US media[11] that the drive had been validated by NASA.[12]

Compress a spatial volume.. If the frame of reference is fixed extract energy from the system, if it is moving it is a force vector..

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