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2020-08-13, 15:37:20
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Author Topic: Contact me  (Read 20687 times)
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I have asked Peterae that user "Theoretical Research" be admitted to the forum. He is an engineer and scientist knows his way around electronics, benchwork and simulations He has made some interesting posts at OU.com regarding the TPU and an electro-gravitic device that he has built that seems to demonstrate some anomalies. The noise and flaming is too much over there.

Thus far he is working with ferrite cores that have a capacitive and inductive component. I'll leave it at that and hope that he joins us soon and starts a new thread for his work or places it on his bench.

Link is: http://overunity.com/17236/witness-the-free-energy-effect/#.WPYf8xIynlE

and here:  http://overunity.com/14643/successful-akula-30-watts-free-energy-device-solid-state-replication/msg503113/#msg503113

He has also posted here: http://overunity.com/15718/seeking-open-minded-theoretical-physicists/#.WPY9_hIynlE

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