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2022-01-24, 17:13:07
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Author Topic: Alleged New discovery explains Stan Meyer's Energy Harvesting Method  (Read 48982 times)
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Group: Guest
The Excutive summary slides and the demonstration used to get interest.

I used the three following slides and the Joule Thief Demo with success to get Executive (Lay person) Interest.  The Executives took the presentation material and demo kit to their technical guys.  The Joule Thief Demo kit easily lighted for over 20 minutes.  If we can pump energy into the super capacitor, we should be able to pump energy into some "water cell" theoretically.

You are welcome to use the slides or similar techniques to get Interest.
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I actually met and worked with the late Yull Brown in the 1980s.  One of the most interesting properties of the Browns Gas is IMPLOSION.

When I first got involved, I was worried about explosion as I knew that Hydrogen and Oxygen were used as fuel in rockets.  The hydrogen airships could explode.

Mr. Brown convinced me that his Browns Gas was harmless if handled properly.  One of the properties not well understood is implosion.  When a volume of Browns Gas is ignited, a partial vacuum will be created.  Dennis Lee used this feature to demonstrate the lifting of a weight in his Energy Conference.  This actually is a clear case demonstrating that Energy comes from outside.

The significance did not hit me until now – when the Indian Scientists and others successfully produced much more hydrogen via pulsing.

The attached slide comparing electrolysis and pulsing is significant.  Most people assume that the gas structures from electrolysis and from Pulsing or Browns Gas are identical.  That is a false assumption.

Please review and comment on the Slide (comment 8 ).  Browns Gas does have the property of implosion.  This implies energy can be brought-in from the environment.  Water can be used as fuel in a very funny way.  Some energy is used (pulsed in?) to change the water molecules into the Browns Gas structure (or some form different from normal hydrogen and oxygen gas form).  This new structure implodes or gets energy from outside to get back to normal water.

Divine Revelation?
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Hi Itseug888,

Implosion is due to cooling effect. HHO is a total scam. The energy to produce hydrogen is greater then what you will get out of it.

HHO is the worst mixture of any fuel, is expands to fast and does not allow enough time to heat the air around it, this is why implosion happens under pressure.

IC engine use slow burning fuels, HHO burns at a rate of 4400m/s, the only way to slow it down is take out the oxygen other then that HHO is a perfect explosive reaction.

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Implosion of Btowns Gas.

When the hydrogen and Oxygen atoms, ions or molecules collide, they immediately react to form water in liquid form.  When gases turned to liquid, the volume greatly diminishes creating a partial vacuum.  External air can rush in to fill the vacuum.  Or a device can be built for the external air to drive a piston to lift weights.

The key concept is that work can be done by the air molecules.  We are actually using the kinetic energy of the air molecules.

You can join the discussion at overunity on the success of the Indian scientists.

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Hi Itseung888,

I disagree, clearly you don't see what will happen when HHO is in a piston.  Back pressure in HHO will increase implosion and limit the output.


Simple water cannon effect using HHO.

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