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2020-08-15, 05:10:52
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Author Topic: Messages to OUR Guests  (Read 2843 times)

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It's not as complicated as it may seem...
A message to OUR guests about the benefits of registering at OUR:

1) Access to the OUR Award if you apply and are successful.

2) Access to the forum chat feature, which is proving to be a very popular, enjoyable, and useful  real-time communication tool.

3) Use and access to the forum Shout Box feature, which is a handy public chat box used to get people's attention to move over to a Chat channel, or simply to say "Hi" as members sign in etc. This shout Box is visible on almost every page in the forum, so you never miss a call. It is collapsible too.

4) Viewing and posting access (if enabled) of members' work benches. This is a board set up for people that want a place to document their own work in one central area. They are controlled by you the moderator of your own bench, and you decide if others can post there and if guests are allowed viewing.

5) Recognition of your work and ideas, and the satisfaction that comes with contributing to a higher cause. Peer review, learning, and intermingling with others with similar interests, and being a part of the growing comradship at OUR.

Hope to see you here soon as a registered member.

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