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2021-12-05, 06:02:18
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Author Topic: Electricity using low grade heat  (Read 557 times)
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I am an Indian inventor. For a long time, I am continuing personal research about a theoretical machine that can extract atmospheric heat and convert that into useful power. Recently, while searching net, I have found out that the necessary machinery is already available in market. In short, the machine now can be built easily.
But, I need some assistance to do the job. I am assuring that the prototype wouldn't take big amount to be made. Kindly tell me whether you can help me to make my idea a reality or not. If yes, then kindly explain how.
This technology actually is a combination of a market available blower and a new kind of turbine. The turbine has already been built and tested successfully. A 1 meter diameter turbine can generate 3 kW output at 8 m/s wind velocity. While a market available 1 meter diameter and just 50% efficient blower can generate 8 m/s wind velocity at the expense of just 500 W.

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It is not simply a matter of wind speed.
In wind energy production it is assumed that a given velocity of wind
- in an open scenario: using a given Cross-section of a turbine design,
-  possesses a critical parameter in terms of mass and flow.
In short - you need to take into consideration the cubic feet of “air” that is
  moving at a given speed.

An example of this can be demonstrated in terms of Torque.
blow 25mph air through a straw and your turbine can spin as a given rate.
Next blow 25mph air from a fan and your turbine can spin at the same rate.

Torque comes into play when you begin generating.
The straw is moving much less air mass and therefore produces less Torque.
Less electricity will be generated as observed by a slowing of the turbine.

The fan is moving a larger mass of air over the same timeframe, therefore:
the fan produces more Torque and results in higher turbine speeds while generating.

To simplify the proposed scenario: Air Flow must be defined for both conditions.
1) open air with a 25mph headwind
2) fan blowing wind at 25mph

From here you can compare the required air flow from the turbine specs.

If, after proper analysis of your proposal,  and you can provide this data:
you still feel this device warrants investigation
I would be happy to assist in construction of a prototype:
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