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Author Topic: Generating System  (Read 28067 times)
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He doesn't have to prove shit to sue you, only if he wants to win...

Above all, he is unable to prove anything.

The devices that really work are the ones that anyone can see working, like all conventional technology. They come from only one category of people: those who are smart, educated and rational enough to design, build and provide operational evidence, using human knowledge of their time. Tesla was in this category. Aaron is not in this category.
From gurus who agitate their imaginary delusions in the form of pseudo-science and preach free energy, come only unworkable devices. Free energy will not be achieved by incantations praising miracles, and denigrating scientific thought and method instead of using it for its own benefit.

"Open your mind, but not like a trash bin"

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The discussion about Motor Generators continues.

There are problems with use of high strength Neodymium
Magnets especially at startup of Turion's generator model.

About four years ago the alternator in my '67 Empi Bug
failed.  The internal voltage regulator lost the ability to
control rotor current and thus wasn't able to regulate
the output voltage.  Consequently the alternator output
was extremely high which resulted in severe overcharge of
my battery to the point of destroying the battery as well
as severe overheating of the stator output coils and their

To  repair the alternator I removed all of the stator wiring
to replace it with new wire and modified the alternator to
accept an external High Side Voltage Regulator while completely
removing the internal burned out voltage regulator.

I manually re-wound the stator three phase wiring which turned
out to be an easier job than I had imagined, re-installed the
alternator, wired up the external Voltage Regulator and all was

Since automobile alternators can easily be re-wound for either
higher or lower output voltage range and the Rotor Magnet is
an electromagnet also easily controlled with regulating circuitry,
I believe they could be the ideal platform for innovative generator

With automotive alternators there is no startup difficulty since
there is no permanent magnet cogging or "lockup" with the
poles.  Getting it up to speed is nearly effortless and then the
load can be activated by energizing the rotor electromagnet to
initiate electrical output.

The rotor advantageously has considerable iron mass which makes
it a pretty good flywheel.

The output is typically three phase which enables some unorthodox
possibilities for output;  some experimenters have series connected
the three phases to produce a "combined single phase" output
in order to test certain characteristics.

The automobile alternator is capable of extremely high rpm operation
which seems to be essential for the so-called "Lenz Free" or "Delayed
Lenz" mode.  If such a mode actually exists, that is.

In any event, the automotive alternator is a much safer option than the
very hazardous Neo PM rotors made with plastic which have disintegrated
in some cases with very hazardous consequence.

Used alternators are inexpensively found at "junk yards" and in my
estimation are the ideal form of basic construct for experimentation
and modification.

I have several alternators acquired over the years which are just
waiting for me to mod them to bring them back to life.  Which is just
what I intend to do when my "laboratory" is resurrected.

The alternator can also be used as a three phase motor in conjunction
with the three phase hobby motor control units (also inexpensive) which
some have installed on bicycles to make the ride electric.  Works very

There are times when a piece of "junk" is just what we're looking for!

How to rewind an alternator stator

How to rewind an alternator
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