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2019-06-19, 10:18:55
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Author Topic: Transmission Line Induction  (Read 1315 times)
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Have you looked at my thread on the Marinov Generator?
I did get some encouraging results as reported there and it generated some interest but that interest died about 9 months ago.

I looked at the document: https://www.overunityresearch.com/index.php?action=dlattach;topic=2470.0;attach=13897

There is still much to be done before a longitudinal induction can be established. Indeed, the thickness of the ring is not at all negligible. We therefore have a radial EMF due to movement through the magnetic field parallel to the rotation plane, like in a Faraday disk with a big hole at the center.
As the magnets are in opposite directions on each side,  and the linear speeds at diametrically opposite points are also opposite, these EMF are in same direction and are therefore added when seen from the two sliding contacts.

The thickness is "several mm". If it represents 5% of the diameter of the ring, we can expect an EMF greater than 10% of that of a Faraday disc of the same diameter: 2 x 5% because the magnets are in the opposite direction on each side, and "more" because the maximum speed is close to the rim whereas in a Faraday disc the average linear speed is at half the diameter. We are therefore completely within the order of magnitude of the measured values. To be conclusive, the copper ring must be only a thin strip of copper a few tens of microns thick.

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