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2022-11-27, 13:15:45
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Author Topic: Charging a capacitor with a gain  (Read 12840 times)

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Buy me some coffee
see https://douktris.wordpress.com/2015/03/18/the-tragedy-of-eric-dollard-and-the-fall-of-aaron-murakami-2/

Haha,love it.
I see your comment from years past there as well F6.

I am another that had my ass booted from that forum when i exposed UFOpolotics trumped up power ratings of his UFO motor. Once i presented a correct prony brake test method by way of a video,and showed his motor to be less than 40% efficient,Aaron the rookie booted me out  C.C

Everything said on your linked web page is absolutely correct about Aaron.


Never let your schooling get in the way of your education.

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No mathematical development of physics applied to a closed system that remains unchanged can show additional energy, a question of the internal coherence of mathematical formalism in physics. So if Dollard finds any in his equations, he's wrong. You don't have to be a physicist to understand it.

Symmetry only applies within each given reference frame.  If you account for time-delay and multiple reference frames, non-zero solutions indeed become possible.

For example, a photon emitted from both Earth and from near a black hole would require the same amount of energy from their given reference frame,
but observing both photons from earth you would find the one emitted near the black hole may appears to have a higher energy (because it was emitted from a higher-energy region).

If energy is extracted from the "Dirac Sea", it must be shown experimentally and explained using equations including the "Dirac Sea". This extra energy cannot be inferred from equations that do not include it.

Dirac-sea interactions are commonplace in Quantum Mechanics and often express themselves with virtual particles.  Any formulae using virtual particles is interacting with this apparently homogeneous field.


Eric Dollar only has books to sell. Perhaps he has some interesting things but the fact that he does not have the support of exotic reproducible experiments and especially that he has the support of Murakami does not plead in his favour
Everyone makes a living somehow.  James Clerk Maxwell broadcast his models to the community in much the same manner as Eric: ^-^


This is, after all, the 'OverUnity Research' forum. ;)  O0

When you say something is impossible, you have made it impossible
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