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Author Topic: Gauging the credibility of OU claims/systems/models  (Read 169 times)

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This is more of an abstract thread to discuss the credibility of various models and inventions that pass by the forums from time-to-time.

How should we judge the credibility of a system or claim when it is presented online?  We have to acknowledge that many different things affect this:

* Process is explained simply.
* Process is explained several different ways.
* Process is engineerable.
* Process doesn't require hard-to-find tools or materials.
* The parameters and limits to the process are well defined.
* Process can be explained in great detail.
* Process has a conceptual or mathematical proof attached to it.
* Process is consistent with other credible devices online.

And beneath all of that:
* Device is constructed to demonstrate the process.
(this is a relatively low-credibility action because anything can be faked online)

Ideally, a person trying to convey a concept to other tinkerers would focus on increasing their credibility in all of these fields and not just show a video of a motor spinning. C.C

There are a few situations where the above points will break down:
 - A person can build a working device but doesn't quite understand *how* it works.
 - A person has a good theoretical OU model that is consistent, but presents no engineerable solutions.
 - A language/vocabulary/teaching barrier prevents person's words from being correctly understood by others.

IMO these are just some things we should be aware of when evaluating systems online.
Feel free to add/comment in regards to this. :) ;)

Critical thinking is important, but a professional skeptic will never discover anything new.
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