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Author Topic: Hydrogen on demand  (Read 257 times)

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A working system, being tested in my neighborhood.

The Hydrogen Solution
See pages 12-13

Don’t be looking for an AlGalCo station to fill up your car though.  During a meeting a few years ago in Silicon Valley with representatives of a major oil company, he says he was actually warned to stay out of the consumer market.  “They wanted me to understand my place in the entrepreneurial ecosystem”

Of course.

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2NaOH + 2Al +2H2O = 2NaAlO2 + 3H2   ;)


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Has he actually tried his system? He shows a diesel engine but If he has not altered the ignition timing  in  a petrol engine, he should get problems.

What is the cost in all the reagents per mile?

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From the article the system has been used in a truck with a gasoline engine for seven years and he is working on a model for diesel engines. This is the 5th version of the system in the Carmel Street Department pickup truck and is about ready to go to market. No details on cost, but it must be competitive with gas and diesel if FedEx and UPS are interested, and he is targeting over-the-road trucks.

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Aluminum is a great source of Hydrogen but
ordinarily needs an acid or a base to react with.

Apparently the Aluminum-Gallium alloy will react
with neutral Water which is quite unique.

It is amazing that only 150 Grams of the Alloy
will generate enough Hydrogen to travel about
250 miles.

About the Aluminum-Gallium alloy.

I remember reading in an old patent some time ago
that Mercury coated Aluminum will also react with
water to produce Hydrogen.  Unfortunately, it is not
so easy with Mercury and it must be protected from
Oxygen in the air.
  This process is used in
Chemistry however, to Hydrogenate certain
compounds in aqueous solutions.

More on the Aluminum amalgam and Hydrogen.

With a bit of careful preparation and ingenuity it
could be done with Mercury.  But for simplicity
and ease of generating Hydrogen in quantity the
proven reaction with dilute Sodium Hydroxide
would git 'er done.

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