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2020-02-28, 06:06:21
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Author Topic: Cheap Electricity from Brazil  (Read 317 times)

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what I found:


Looking for more, may be we might ask Murray Smith ?

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Hi Kator -pls check your link (isn't doing it for me) kind regards Duncan 

How many more to be .threatened, abused murdered, Their research in the hands of evil corporations intent on total control ?
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It looks rather similar to the Dry Pile.

The Voltaic Pile

The Electric Dry Pile

The Zamboni Pile

Francis Ronalds works

Quote from: The Article
The dry pile, built up in the same way as Volta's moist pile, was the invention
of Jean Andreā€ De Luc, who first described it in Nicholson's Journal, 1810.

It was constructed by piling up in a glass tube a series of paper discs,
coated on one side with silver leaf arid on the other with thin leaves of zinc.
A continual difference of potential was found to exist between the terminals.

Modifications were introduced by various workers, notably Zamboni and
Singer. The latter devised the form of apparatus now in the Clarendon
Laboratory of the Oxford University Museum. This is arranged to ring a small
bell, and its period of activity now extends to seventy-five years. Mr. Benham
gives detailed instructions for setting up a dry pile of 2000 pairs, and
describes a number of interesting experiments that may be carried out with
its aid.

The chief original feature is the use of two ready-made coated papers in the
construction of the pile. The work would have been of greater scientific
value if some quantitative results had been included.

Dry Pile (62V)

How to make a Zamboni Dry Pile
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