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2020-09-24, 19:35:16
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Author Topic: Initial thoughts  (Read 3792 times)
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With the great abundance of Free Energy devices floating around on the internet at present, along with all the various claims, it’s sometimes hard to know where to start, or indeed which particular device to study if you intend to try to replicate such a device.

I’ve been in this very dilemma myself for quite a while now, randomly experimenting with various parts and ideas, mainly in the Water Fuel Cell field.

However, I’ve more recently come to the conclusion that the underlying efficiency of any so-called over-Faraday WFC, lies not in the electrolyser producing over-Faraday amounts of gas due to any kind of resonance within the cells themselves, but rather the electronics tapping into Radiant Energy. I feel that any resonance effects are those related to the electronics, particularly that in which pulsed inductors and tuned ccts are employed, and this is what is providing effectively OU electricity.  

I have never understood how any electrolyser, no matter how efficient could possibly produce over-Faraday results. Faraday’s Laws are very simple and quite inflexible given that it will always take two electrons from the power source to combine with two hydrogen ions (H+) to form a hydrogen molecule. However, this assumes that the water is ionising and those ions are exchanging charges at the electrodes.  Other forms of water decomposition such as plasma electrolysis and high temperature dissociation initiate different reactions to which Faraday’s laws cannot be applied.

However, anyone that simply dismisses Faraday’s Laws as a set of ancient out-of-date, ‘rules’, is obviously ignorant of the laws an quite foolish. They are called laws for a reason, and every standard or pulsed electrolyser from which hydrogen and oxygen are evolved at the electrodes due to current flow and charge exchange, abides by these laws. Due to this very fact, Faraday will always provide the baseline against which all other forms of water dissociation are measured.

This is how I’ve come to look at things and the reason for my now turning to look at things from the Radiant Energy or OU perspective.  

Like many of you, I’ve looked at all manner of patents, devices, followed experimenters, and read many technical papers and various articles on the subject. But I did not want to fall into the trap of trying to replicate or experiment with all and sundry and getting confusing or conflicting results – or indeed simply making life too complicated.

No, I wanted to focus all my attention on just two or three particular devices.

One would be a motionless device, while the other would not. Both however would incorporate neodymium iron boron magnets.  And I would pursue one other Free Energy interest that does not employ magnets.

After playing with neodymium magnets for a while, you can’t fail to feel the energy that they exude.

Just trying to push together two neos, each just 2mm thick by 10mm in diameter, between your fingers, north to north or south to south, is near impossible.  The only way I could pull these two magnets apart when north to south is by sliding then apart.

I was astounded by the energy of these tiny magnets and so bought some larger beasties; 10mm thick and 30mm diameter. The energy contained within these magnets is frightening, and they actually come with a health warning. You do not really want them to snap together with your finger in between.

Only in a vice that held each magnet securely could we get the repulsive poles to force together.  The repulsive (or attractive) force of modern neo magnets is quite phenomenal.  Surely there must be numerous ways to utilise this energy.  And so it seems there are.

I found that a man called Charles Flynn and his devices fit my bill exactly. He has a design for an OU magnet motor and an OU motionless device that are both relatively simply devices in both terms of operation and construction. Indeed the motionless device looks comparable in many ways to the rather more mysterious SM TPU.

So this is where I intend to focus my efforts.
As for my non-magnet interest, this will be based on Tesla’s Radiant Energy system.

It would seem pointless trying to achieve OU unless we accept that energy has to come from outside of our device and that our device must be providing a means of tapping into (or resonating) with the vast ocean of radiant energy that we exist within.  If we are to trust the laws of thermodynamics then I don’t see how we can get seemingly OU from a closed system.  And I have no reason to mistrust the laws of thermodynamics, just as I have no reason to mistrust Faraday’s laws of electrolysis, so something’s gotta give!

If you haven’t seen this guide by Patrick Kelly, and particularly if you’re new to this field, then it’s certainly worth a read. This is a link to the version 13.6 released 5th Jan 2010.


The Charles Flynn devices of particular interest to me are located in Chapter 1, pages 35-36 and Chapter 3, pages 9-11.

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I think you are on the right track.. I never thought the OU in the chemical devices was in the chemical ( H O ) reaction, it is in what causes the quality of the reaction. If I had to guess the OU is in feedback systems and magnets can be used in feedback systems. keep up the good thiking :)
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I'm going to conduct my experiments based on the assumption that all the energy to drive any circuit is being provided by background Radiant Energy, and that dipoles break that the symmetry of this energy acting as collectors... and see where it takes me.
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    Your assumption on tesla/ longitudinal/ scalar waves or any other derivative thereof has to be investigated. Its recently been admitted by a prominent scientist (cant remember who) that these energy forms have been known of for over a hundred years and today there is NO known measurement for them. Not one unit of reference unlike potential difference - Volts, current - Amps....
 This energy form has been supressed and it will be utilised as its properties are being uncovered by so few professionals, however we the experimenters will eventually breakthrough soon with a viable system that will hopefully change that for the better of humanity.
There is unfortunately too many on the bandwagon jumping to false claims and this has been seen before, look at the person who says "Ive been abducted by aliens"...a classic ...no one believes ...
Many years of research has already been done by lots of members here and pieceing together the facts is the only way forward.
Read what you can and think on the gained information regarding your personal experiences and act on that. Its a pointer but one in the right direction.
Best of luck .. Steve.
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Yes, Szaxx, I guess you would have to call it a considered 'leap of faith'.

But I figure that I'm more likely to find something if I've got an idea of what I'm looking for - or a least if I assume I know what I'm looking for. It just seems more logical than blindly fumbling about in the dark so-as-to-speak.

I've got some neos on order to experiment with the Charles Flynn like devices, but until those arrive, I've been rather side-tracked by Jonny Davro's JT experiments.

See the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pLBG1eodFfE&feature=channel
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Hi ,
 There will soon be some experimenting with a circuit that Phantasm and  I are recreating on his bench, at present he is collecting the parts so a replication as exact as possible can be made. A read may be of interest.
 This circuit is a 'standard' and works with almost anything thrown at it, I have used it for 30+ years.
 During a demo to show an engineer 12V to EHT is simple, without massive transformers, I found ice forming on the wires where I expected only the copper to melt. Thought no more of it back then, but recently researching an anomality of RF in microwave waveguides (secondary emissions)... I'd mentioned it while on chat and interest grew immediately.
   The video, above post, is interesting having not read much on any joule thief threads until a few days ago the circuit used has similarities. Lighting leds as seen from trays has been done last century in a sort of way with plates, sparks and a ring with a spark gap in it. M Faraday I think did it, no pun intended.
 Its still very interesting and strange to see these sort of apparently unnatural events taking place. They are simple to do if you know how and not outside conventional physics. As a party trick Ive brightly lit up a small bulb, it being soldered with 2 inch of  thick wires at 90 degrees, centred on a rod thats 1 metre in length and held up with fishing line. A complete short circuit to look at but a dipole to the knowing few..
 The thing to do is what you feel appropriate. we all learn differing things and some appear easy, the best thing is research on what has the most repeatable documentation, a proven device and if its very old utilise the modern devices for control of it. Ive been studying for years and still dont know enough, but do understand that the present laws applied are incorrect. Maybe Ive learned something afterall.

Wishing you the best success  Steve.

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I found ice forming on the wires where I expected only the copper to melt. Thought no more of it back then, but recently researching an anomaly of RF in microwave waveguides (secondary emissions)... I'd mentioned it while on chat and interest grew immediately.

Incredulous!  How can this possibly be?

When one observes ice forming on wires where molten metal
is expected isn't one shocked?

Thought no more of it?

Would it be possible to provide just a little more detail?

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