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2023-02-01, 06:22:25
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Author Topic: JOE CELL Initiative  (Read 5057 times)
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Now the upper flapper on the carb works backwards, closed reves the engine very high and opened slows the engine, gas pedal works backwards.

Then we have had actual psi people run cars on Joe Cell where the gas pedal worked normally.
They spent months with conscious work on the cell.
They get it to run with out gas are toodeling down the road, they start to think about something that is disturbing, and boom the engine stops working.
This is a vibration mode where the person is a conduit for the transition of frequencies necessary to make that work in that way.
I have no idea what the frequency transition is. The human intention with feel felt work can do some amazing stuff.

The advanced ones will use the mind alone, and will outgrow the electronic equipment as they simply remember how it feels.


Thank you DaveL for all the information. A lot of things about the JOE CELL I understand much better after reading your posts.

But it looks like, the JOE CELL is not for me. I am not psi and I have not yet outgrown the electronic equipment in my car and in my home.

Keep up the good work!

Greetings, Conrad
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There were a couple things I did not address.

If one studies how to contain hydrogen, they will realize it cannot be stored perfectly as a gas in any metals know to us.

The hydrogen atoms are so small they will escape right through a metal or plastic over time.
This is known in current science already. Storing hydrogen to release and burn it is not a good idea as so much is lost to leakage.
Even with the space shuttle they realized this and had to keep filling the tank all the way up to launch.

The Joe Cell is able to contain the H1 gas using a field that pulls inwards, with a small electrical charge on it.
An enclosed SS JC will develope a vacuum inside it.

If we place a rubber or platic tube between the feed line and the carby, that tube will expand with pressure pushing outwards.
In a plastic or PVC storage container, the H atoms go right through the long chain molecules, and all the hydrogen escapes leaving the larger Oxygen atoms, and they will easilly explode outwards with pressure that increases as the diamdgnetic H atoms are lost.

One should realize from this alone we can understand how the two atoms act differently.

A plastic cell that is used to fracture water, will become a high pressure system, and needs a pressure relief valve to operate safely.
A Joe Cell that produces H1 gas with containment of a small electric charge will create vacuum inside.
This can be shown in experiiment, when we have a JC generating more H1 atoms "manifesting mode".
This is the gas that can generate implosion.

O atoms are magnetic, H1 atoms are diamagnetic
SS is made from iron - magnetic, and Chromium - Diamagnetic
It also has Nickel and a few other things, but higher grade SS has more Chromium, and cancels out the magnetic ability of the composite metal better.

Lastly how long can a Joe Cell last was a question, and brings up an almost unbelievable effect.

We have witnessed the scratches in Joe Cell tubes, with a good inflow field, heal the scratches or even small chips in the metal.
The nuclear field when raised up to larger field coherence is self organizing, and self sustaining.

This is an effect that most scientists should be very curious to witness.
Stepping into "power from the background field," we hit this wall of self sustaining energy versus entropic energy of the outer electron shell bonds.

This is really good proof of the concepts presented, and it is sad that most JC experimenters do not observe the interactions with this detail of scientific accuracy.

For me at this point it is not about running a car, it is about learning of an energy form that mankind is totally ignorant of.

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Space Time Dimensions

1 - Length
2 - Area
3 - Volume
4 - Tempic Field
5 - Electric Field
6 - Magnetic Field

With JC we want up to 5th dimension of space time, but do not hit 6th or coherent vibration field bubble will crash, and not grow.

Avoid high electron currents, causing magnetic fields to come up.
Avoid magnets, electric currents = magnets.

Cell starts out T E field structure.
Tempic / Electric

The tension on the water grows, and one can learn to feel this.
Some will apply only one application of voltage per day, and take their time learning how to connect with the cell.

1st time voltage is applied - water tension weak [24 hours to feel it or 5 minuties if you can feel it]
2nd time voltage is applied - water tension increases
3rd time voltage is applied - tension jumps geometrically, cell starts producing H1 atoms - microscopic dimensions

The frequency that creates H1 atoms permiates all space. We do not have to inject that one.
Hydrogen gas is found everywhere, even out in space to some degree.
This will be the first sensitivity to be felt, and consciously connect one with the first level of physical manifestation, and how to feel it and recognize it.

However long it take a person to begin to recognize this feeling of vibration frequencies, is a personal development.
Listen to higher self and make this as spiritual as you need to to open the sensitivity.
Some will use sacred cerimony, to gain the focus, or narrow the focus to begin this process of "waking up."

This is a highly personal and spiritual experience, but not usually what people seeking the power want to hear about.
So we give them what they ask for and in the doing and feeling they hit on this wall where consciousness matters.

Only the person doing the work with the cell, can determine the length of the steps, and how solid their foundatation will become as they progress. Thus we honor both the spiritual progress and the technical, finding the place where they become one. And we are one with the cell, a totally spiritual perception!

Even if we start out 100 percent technical science, we all end up 100 percent spiritual in the true experience.
This overlap of the two, brings us all together, because it recognizes both as real.

In martial arts, it is rare to find a person, who will take the steps very slowly, without care as to how long it may take.
Thus we start to give them belts of various color so they feel an advancement every few months at first, they get a feeling of achievment and it keeps them interested. While after the first 13 months they actually make a serious progress.

99 percent start out seeking the power first, same as the begining martial artist.
In the practice they begin to feel some new things they never realized about their own awareness.

By the time they are black belts, they are choosing what to devlop next and determining what excercises to progress themself, without a teacher present. They have been empowered to become their own teacher or guide. That is the level where many things we thought were impossible begin to become possible and we understand how it works.

The challenge of the teacher is to foster this love of a future result, until the student begins to see how the work pays off.
To voluntarily begin to make changes in ones self, is the greatest challenge we have.

As we have heard many times the cell is a mirror of ourself, but that will not be realized until we start to feel at one with the cell.

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Length, area, volume and time are not something in themselves but a measure of something. Smith made an error in his reasoning just as Einstein did in fabricating space/time.

It basically came about because there minds could not reconcile the differences between reality and science as calculations, equations or measures. Thus they created an artificial reality where the measure of something became something tangible when it is not... it's just a measure.

It's actually kind of comical because I have made clocks run slower. It's easy and any time a longitudinal wave field effects the quartz crystal in the clock the rate of oscillation changes thus time appears to change.

This error in reasoning is the reason none of them ever understood what a field actually is when it's not that difficult to understand.

Every star in the universe radiates a fundamental frequency with such short wavelengths it is almost undetectable like dark energy. We could call it the universal clock which all other oscillations are bound to. So when something moves through space at astronomical speeds time does not change, obviously, but the fundamental rate at which the matter oscillates does. Thus time appears to change when in fact only the standard of the measurement has.

So we should understand there is no such thing as space/time nor a tempic field. What has happened in reality is that the fundamental rate at which matter oscillates has changed.

Think about it, use your reasoning skills. Which sounds more plausible...
1) that time in the universe has become variable just because something strange happens when things move fast.
2) the fundamental frequency at which matter oscillates can change under the proper external influences.

Hell if what your suggesting is true then I should get a Nobel because I can make the rate of time change on a stationary clock...not change time but change the clock.


Comprehend and Copy Nature... Viktor Schauberger

We don't have an energy crisis we have an understanding crisis concerning what energy is and how it works... AC
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It is the nature of gravity to bend light, where a light beam passes a strong gravitational center, the side close moves slower through space then the side of the beam further away. Thus the field from gravity is graduated in intensity, called a gradient, and light traveling by it at 90 degrees may be bent.

I have witnessed this in JC work. However it is known in astronomy.
Thus what we call space, whatever it is, has a field within it that light travels through, which can be operated on by a gravity field.

Earth Dynamo

Electric fields can polarize light, but cannot bend it's path through space.

If you are insdide the G Field you will judge what is straight by the path of the light.
If you are outside looking in you will see the curve.

I put a Joe Cell in my car for some weeks, 10 years back and the clock started to gain 5 to 10 minutes a month. Only recently the clock has started working normally again about 10 years later. Quartz crystals have a tendency to store vibration fields, especially if they are of a self sustaining form.

Quartz Programming and Clearing

However the field bubble that was on my car from the JC, also effected me, because I sat inside it.
The boundary of this field reached out from the car several feet all the way around it.
The field altered how I experience inertia.

You can attempt to define the universe however you like, but I can now calculate it.
The structure of our reality is constructed on top of phenomena which can be altered at various levels of it's construction.
If we only see the surface level, then we will be blind to the foundations of how it all works.


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In science, we attempt to see patterns in the universe, that are repeatable, and can be calculated accurately.
Many who play with things like JC and Orgonite are more interested in how it makes them "feel," or changes their perception.
They most often enjoy the mystery and do not want to mess with math and geometry.

Tesla calculated his T wave traveled pi/2 times C, faster then light though the mass of the earth itself.
He recorded this in a patent of his elevated ball against a ground, with a pancake coil and cap between them.

We can show why this is actually true.

A sine wave traveling though space moves forwards at C velocity but inside it, it is also moving back and forth at 90 degrees to it's path, and we can show this path is longer, then a wave that oscillated only front to back of it's straight path.

An EM wave travels out around the surface an atom, but a mass vibration comming from the nuclear center passes straight through the atom. The path is 2/pi shorter distance. These two kinds of waves are geometrically different, but the actual velocity is pi/2 x C for both waves in space, they just move differently.

Thus it is not hard to see, Teslas wave function as we start to use vibration tools and devices, is a different kind of energy.

If we model the fabric of space as the head of a drum under tension, we note that as a sine wave passes over it, the outer edges of the wave stretch the drums head tighter, and that is why it springs back. A sine wave at any frequency will add pi/2 to the length of the stretch from its flat rest state.

If we now begin to set up many waves to converge on the center of the drum head each one will add a pi/2 stretch and the drum head will get tighter and tighter as we continue to add more frequencies.

Similarly if we set up a convergent area of space where we pass many frequencies through one center point, the field fabric of space will increase in tension level by a pi/2 function for each one we add.
In this area of space with increased tension of the field fabric, the laws of physics will begin to change.

Or in the case of atoms, creation begins. Creation in the field fabric of the universe begins with convergent vibration fields in that background medium.

It is thus important to learn the difference between the two words, convergent, and divergent, when reading Wilbert Smith, however the mental model appears to work with calculations of the density of space, and two of the most basic wave forms that can pass through it at c velocity and at pi/2 x c velocity. And to understand the difference between EM waves that do not penetrate the atoms to the nuclear center, and Mass vibration waves that do pass through the nuclear center of the atom.

Vibration energy from a Joe Cell can set up a field bubble that causes your clock to run at a different speed, but also begins to change the physics of the space the field bubble fills. as well as how the physical body responds to motion and inertia.

As this effect is amplified in layers we begin to understand how a Saucer craft can make a 90 degree turns at high velocity, and the people inside are not smashed aginst the inner wall of the craft.
These effects cannot be explained by manipulations of EM, in our current public taught science.
They are explained in vibration effects as a field bubble in the fabric of space. And since frequency of that vibration is a criticle aspect of coupling energy flows, Space/Time is a good way to describe or label it. Although Smith would label it the Field Fabric.

No matter the words we use to describe it and to calculate it, the phenomena remains very real to everyone experiencing and witnessing it.

If we reduce the inertia of a body, it takes far less power to move it down the road up and down hills etc.


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When we speak of mass moving through space and resisting a change of velocity, which is called inertia, we are speaking of the nuclear center of the atom where the mass is located, called the Isotope. We are not speaking of the area between Proton layer and Electron layers, as we already know EM fields can travel through space at c velocities with no problem.

Inertia is a coupling between the nuclear mass of Protons and Neutrons that have weight, and the background field fabric they must travel through.
As we add more vibration to an atoms mass, the velocity of it's motions increases, but the atom is still stationary to us.
Thus we can have first hand experience with relativistic phenomena using stationary objects, that have accelerated mass vibration inside them.

It should become "self evident" where we have to focus to begin changing the normal laws of gravity as it has been defined for us with mass vibration that is not being altered.

We can accelerate the velocity of the mass of an object towards light velocity, without having to move the object through space as a rocket or car moves.

This is a much deeper study then EM phenomena can ever define, because the EM phenomena rides on top of the atom.

In JC work, in the first one Joe made he placed a conical top on the cell, because he felt the energy cones off the top of the tubes.
Take a finger over the top of a charged cell, and raise it slowly, you will discover nodes of high vibration in the air at the tip of these cones that come down and hit each tube.When we find a conical structure in the field fabric, we recognize this is the pattern of an Isotope which has a mass or weight.

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Now that we understand we are manipulating nuclear mass of the atoms in vibration devices, we can start to learn how they operate differently then EM operates.

The nuclear mass vibration operates with straight lines, cones, platonic pattern, and such, and vibration does not just change as an analoge system changes. Vibration couples across octaves and ratios of frequency.

Vibration follows laws of a fractal nature.
With vibration fractals we begin to be able to locate metrics in the field fabric that seem to be very fixed values that never change.
We move the measurement into a magnetic field and it's resonance length does not change.
We set it near a high voltage and it's measurement does not change.

Fractal vibration quantums in the background field lie underneath the EM fields that ride on top of them, and so when we mess with mass vibration we alter the physics of the matter entirely. When we play with EM radio frequency coils, just bringing a hand near the coil may change the resonance frequency. Not so with mass vibration frequencies. The hand will pass through these fields and feel them but it will not change the geometry or the shape of the fields at all.

It would seem we can conclude that as a field bubble around a saucer craft becomes more dense with frequencies, the matter becomes lighter, moves faster with less power, and reduces inertia. This is in fact what we can also observe in Joe Cell work as we couple the frequency of the cell into the entire car frames mass and engine mass using simple distance tuning.

The cell is set on the passengers side floor, insulated from the floor, and one wire goes from the inside tube to the frame along under the dash and we begin to slide that wire along until we get 1000 points of light all over the car frame. That is, now if you touch the car anywhere you may see light inside your head with eyes closed with a really strong cell.

Mass vibration will couple through the nuclear center of all the atoms inside the field, and it moves freely through metals.
The more mass in motion the more power the field has.

Some have noted that wool tends to decouple the energy propagation and can act as a shield to some degree.

Now if we want to start measuring this energy form we can use SS calipers and scalar coils.
Much study has already been done on this over the past decades but few understand it.

A Fractal Matrix

This document shows why people of meditation and chi energy flows like to play with this form of energy.


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NMR science deals with magnetic field frequencies and the resultant very weak RF frequencies that are generated in the magnetic field flips of the Isotopes. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance.

NVR deals with the mass vibration frequencies that can generate very large and powerfull vibration field bubbles that can alter how mass operates against the background field. Nuclear Vibration Resonance.

For a preview of how this works, one can obtain some Bismuth and then set your SS calipers to a mass resonance frequency and bring it around or into contact with the Bismuth and feel what happens both in the calipers and around the entrie bismuth piece.


The data given is in mm measurement, and these vibrations are stronger because Bismuth has a higher mass then other stable metals.
More mass in vibration more power.

A great introduction to feeling this energy form.


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You can do similar with a glass of water, and create a pressure field around the water using a SS caliper at specific distance out from the center of mass of the water.

I already posted that chart.

This one may feel more subtle as the weight of water is less then Bismuth.

SS caliper set to 12.64 mm
Aim it at the center of the water height in the glass and move it in and out until you feel the water bonds go into a state of tension.

In Europe where metric tubes are used the caliper setting would be 10.11 mm

Gif attached with frequency chart.

A scalar coil can do this also using khz = mm to set the F gen frequency.

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I can make the rate of time change on a stationary clock...not change time but change the clock.

My posts here are intended to inspire the seeking of education, not intended to offend the personality of anyone.
You can be responsible for your own belief systems, I only share what I know has worked. I do not speculate anymore.

So what happens if you change the clock rate of your body, or an entire car?
If you define time as the observance of your body clock, then kissing may slow it way down, and touching a hot stove may speed it way up.
Our time related to us, is a function of the speed of our conscious clock rate, and is a function of where we place our awareness, and how intensly we focus. This cannot be measured externally, but it does show a person cannot guage the flow rate of time on feel felt resoning as it is not a stable method to use. When one is in an accident and being hurled through the air seconds can seem like hours.

The concept that space itself has energy in its volume, and that as we manifest matter from space the energy of the same collective volume is equiivalent to the empty space volume, allows us to find a mathematics that seems to work in experiment.
If it works in experiment then we find value in the equations.

The energy can be expressed as three different kinds of field force which become directional in geometric definable ways.
We can set and play with magnets and determine how magnetic field operates with respect to time.
We can play with capacitors and resistors and determine how electric field operates with respect to time.
We can connect capacitors to coils and study how electric field and magnetic fields can exchange energy bouncing back and forth between them at some frequency, again respecting time.

With EM resonance, each time the energy bounces between the magnetic field and the electric field, we have losses.
This is very simple to observe, and there are no secrets here.
This is not a mystery at all and there is no free energy in the current science of electronics. We always have to put power into the circuit from some outside source to keep it working. We have to put more power in then we can extract, due to copper losses.

Now according to physics there is more energy in a higher frequency wave, but in power circuits we need low frequency energy.
It becomes aparent that if we can tap into high frequency energy and convert it directly to low frequency waves, we can extract power very easilly.
We can do this using the octave method. By knowing the geometry of each of the field forces.
This technique has not been taught in current electronics training. A person can study a circuit and have no understanding of how it works, where there is a large frequency shift happening between the components.

How many ways can we find to put energy into a circuit externally, and what are the Sources of this energy?
Then we need to control how much comes in.

In a power supply we have a circuit that regulates either voltage to be constant, or current to be constant with respect to time.
In a generator we have a governer to regulate the RPM. Reveloutions per minute, cycles per second....etc.
As we draw power these circuits respond and either open up or close down to maintain the field of the output EM levels constant as there is a load applied.

How does nature do this? The atom responds to external force by compensating with the pressure against the outer electron shells, to self correct the size and frequency of that atom. The atom has no governer or regulating power supply inside it, it has only the three field forces in a dance that is locked into place, and extracts its energy from the background field to sustain itself.

Energy then can be extracted by manipulation of atoms, and as they self correct we can take some of that energy away and use it to power a circuit.
This does not have to be found with tweaking or trial and error if we learn more about the atom and how it uses the three field forces to set up self sustaining locking fields. We shoulld not have the mentality of burning up atoms for fuel, or blowing them apart, when they already have this power to self correct.

So what is this thrid field force, that electronics cannot define or manipulate with calculations that consistently work?
A force that can adjust the elelctron shells back to their stable dimensions over and over, no matter what we throw at the atom short of a nuclear explosion? The atom recovers both its frequency and shape no matter how many times we beat on it with a hammer, or hit it with an electron flow.

Early on physics discovered no amount of EM energy could break the nuclear bond, they had to pack TNT in a sphere and explode it inwards to make this happen. The strong froce is 137 time stronger then EM fields can become.

So when we set back and see how atoms work, it becomes "self evident" they are the correct mental model to hand us free energy.
Realizing this, we are forced to now begin to learn what mankind already knows about them over the last couple centuries.
Here is where we either choose to remain lazy and ignorant, or decide to become educated as to how they operate.

A field force that can hold electrons and proton at distances so the electric field cannot discharge them, using no insulators, must exert pressure zones in space, without shorting out the electric charge between them. It must be able to regenerate the electric field as outside influences effect it.
It must be able to respond to distortions of the fields, and flare up to correct them.

With high frequency pulsing of very sharp square waves we realize that the energy that flares up to correct the atoms, can be harnessed as a voltage spike of very short time duration. The main energy of this reaction will be captured in a coil 90 degrees to the incident coil as high frequencies take the E field path of the electron shell spin. The atom uses far more energy to self correct in that instant of time where things go way out of stable parameters... John Bidini worked to capture this energy and showed free energy is possible.

However from our NMR science we do know what happens on the Nulear level and on the Electron shell level when this division of the fields happens.
When two magnetic fields move into a 90 degree alignment both are released from the othes influence for the time they stay in this configuration.

The electron shell becomes a generator of Ghz frequency EM, and the Proton shell becomes a generator of Mhz frequency EM and the two radiate outwards at 90 degrees to one another creating a frequency split between them and radiating in two different directions.
They are both spinning at 90 degrees to one another and the spin of each no longer cancels, as they both spin in opposing direction.
With a sharp square wave we may get a few microseconds of this disconnect before the strong force pulls them back into place, causing a spin alignment so they again fight one another and cancel internally to the atom, similar to how a capacitor works.

Pulsing machines have been built that can gain outside energy from the copper of the wire when using pulsing methods, but the frequencies are a problem, especially if you do not know what they are or how they change in a different dimension of wire length.
Because the protons positive charge is coupled into the spin of the mass of the nuclear bundle, and in copper this field become coherent on the wire mass also, then changing the mass of the wire changes the frequency that the Protons Electric field can turn it's spin.
As well in copper wire, the electron field is coherent, all the way down it, it will be trying to maintain one voltage.
One voltage and one mass spin direction across the entire wire. Now the frequency of Proton spin rotation changes, as does the electrical fields resonance governing its rate of changing its spin direction. Where the NMR trace of a length of copper wire comes down to 5khz, we discover a ringing wave that has more energy then the pulse that generates it.

If we trim the wire to resonate up this ringing wave, we get a strong coupling at 90 degrees to the wire loop. In the TPU we trim the copper loop to peak out on the 5khz ringing wave form which is the coppers nuclear energy trying to restablize all its atoms operating as one larger atom.

The pressure fields then generated on this wire loop can explode the copper wire at equal distance spacing, exposing the fractal nature of pressures generated from the nuclear field attempting to gain control of the electron shells spikes.
The TPU was made with two different exact dimensions of the copper wire loop that generates this tempic field pulse in the copper when the electron shell spins off to a 90 degree alignment from the nuclear spin center of the copper mass.

The TPU if engineered correctly pulls energy through the copper atoms and this adds energy to the circuit at 60 hz ac, and when you hold the device you can feel the mass vibrating. There are no moving parts, you are feeling directly a coherent mass vibration at 120 hz on each side of the 60 hz wave where the tension increases. This is mass into velocity describbed by David Hammel. The device has low frequency mass vibration that can deliver power to a copper wire circuit. The down side with that device is that it typically overheats within about 1/2 hour of use.

Now to explore this interesting new phenomena of mass vibrating to increase the power of a device or even to fully power a device, the Joe Cell comes directly into focus, as it has powered an engine with many horsepower, releasing more energy then the gasoline has in it, plus the manifolds on the engine go cool.

The cell has a meager voltage on it between the tubes that never goes away, and yet that field has relatively no power, we can discharge it between two tubes and as long as the tubes are wet it will pop right back when the short is removed to exactly the same voltage with respect to the other tubes as though a force is present in the air between them. This was one of the requirements we needed to explain the atoms ability to restore it's ellectron shells. The power of the Joe Cell is from a coherent mass vibration field not from the meager electrical charge. The frequency however is rather high.

We stick the cell on the floor of the passenger seat, tune it to the car frame and discover that now at specific RPM ranges of the engine we get a notable increase in forwards power of the car as it accelerates. This mass vibration energy is a lot of fun to play with on long road trips.

Once we begin to identify the source of mass vibration energy, and see how we can amplify it usiing greater mass, or tapping into larger volumes of space with field bubbles, we have set out on a new path to energy production, that is how nature does it at atomic dimensions.

All these different devices, are tapping into an energy system that is basically unknown to most people, and 1000 people are comming up with 1000 different theories on how it works and what it is, but they are all connected when we discover the truth of the source of the energy.

Especially with the Joe Cell effects one can never explain it with discussion of EM power.
The laws of mass vibration explain nearly all of them, and the energy works the same across all of them.

Once you get it working and discover it can be calculated you are off into a new level of exploration.

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Length, area, volume and time are not something in themselves but a measure of something. Smith made an error in his reasoning just as Einstein did in fabricating space/time.


Here in lies a challenge to begin to quantify these measurements, and begin to relate them to one another, showing there is a link between the phenomena that is measurable as space, time, and frequency.

We have a copper wire cut to 1 meter in space, we can calculate its EM resonance by formula (C/Length in meters)*velocity factor/2 = EM resonance frequency as a radiating antenna.

What is a meter in space, that we can now so accurately calibrate this to an EM resonant frequency in wire?

Now if we put pvc insulation on the wire, the velocity factor drops to around 60 percent C velocity.
The wavelength in the wire changes, but when it hits the space and begins to radiate, it still has the same frequency and wavelength in space traveling at C velocity.

Is a "meter" just some arbitrary measurement of length? Or can it be used relative to frequency of an RF wave, and why does it comes out so perfectly every time? It would seem that one meter with respect to radio waves is a metric we can use to define the wavelengths of an entrie band of RF frequencies. We have now taken a Radio wave frequency and cut up space into meters to form a working system of communications around the planet.

An RF frequency of 300,000,000 hz will have one wavelength every 1 meter. A dipole at .5 meters can radiate this across town.

Have we not now set up a gauge between space, and time, by observing light velocity, and frequency?
Why does it seem to come out so close to perfect , with all the zeros in both values if they are just some arbitrary values?
Why does the wavelength drop so low in a copper wire with a dielectric wraped around it?
Why do these values never change?

You gotta wonder.

The relation between space and time is paramount to calculation of field forces that operate through space.

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Space Time EM and Mass vibration

As in the last example we found a relationship between space and Frequency / wavelength in an EM resonant antenna which will couple energy into the field fabric at the point of 377 ohms impedence on the dipoles length. This energy is governed by the speed of light traveling through space, the Field Fabric.

This works differently with mass vibration, and the equation is much different, showing how it becomes a source of power.

EM wavelength = C / Frequency

Mass vibration segment length in khz = mm of distance in space.  [Direct experiemnt implanting Isotope frequencies into a scalar coil and measuring the field reach with a caliper.

There is no recpricol relationship and the higher the frequency the longer the field reach distance, reversed of RF radiation systems which are a load.

Mass vibration is not a load it is an energy source like the water hight in a dam.
However there is still a ralationship between frequency and distance in space and it magically seems to again come out almost too perfect to believe.

mm = khz

So what is a meter, cm, mm, that they came up with, which is not so much a random measurement but is related so well to how fields of energy work, we can use such formulas to manipulate it and predict the dimensions of specific field forces?

Understanding of what a field is may change a bit, as we study how it works in practice, and keep track with accurate experiments to create a science that is then predicitible.


A person who loves crystals may set down and charge up a crystal using palms creating a field around it they can feel for some distance outwards.
We can then measure this fields fractal structure using a SS caiper and hand them a frequency.

They can then use a scalar coil and F - gen to charge it up next time instantly.
Further then this now, having the correct calculations and quantification of the field, we can set up a secondary frequency of pi/2 and the field will never come down until we take it back down using a 1/9x ratio frequency.

We can thus begin to build these vibration feilds by design, giving instant results, exactly as we have been doing with EM fields for a couple generations or more now.

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With the quantification of mass vibration field structures comes a new science of field bubbles we can learn to set up that will self power, and to take them back down as required.

They carry the power of mass vibration, to move or become motive power, but also with this comes ability to manipulate inertia of the mass inside the field bubble, as experienced with JC's in cars at a small scale.

Multiple people experimenting with Joe Cells can share different frequency sets, or imprints, that will give different responses.

We can create data [spreadsheets] of frequency sets calculated of atomic levels of vibration energy.
At this point the cell will become the science that it deserves to be recognized as.

The side effect is the ability to feel a field structure and then emulate it using your own brain mass, which will come with exposure to these fields.
This is the part that seems to scare people or set them into their mystery mode of magic, angels and demons.

This is a normal progression of every new kind of energy mankind has discovered, in the time period between playing with it, and achieving comprehension of how it works as a science.

There are 3 field forces, come to learn about all three.

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To be honest I'm not feeling the love...

Any theory diverging into more and more complexity must be flawed because all true understanding must converge upon a singular concept which is self-evident. Obviously were not quite there and when the concept involves repetition versus evolution the result is often obvious.

I get it, it's cool, however it will never be you nor your own until you own it from your perspective versus others...

Otherwise the words become hollow and this feels like a repetitious dialog which is not your own. Obviously this is not you which begs the question... what do you actually think about all this?.


Comprehend and Copy Nature... Viktor Schauberger

We don't have an energy crisis we have an understanding crisis concerning what energy is and how it works... AC
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I have recently heard of a bubble ,maybe not exactly what you write of here Dave, however it sure seems Quite similar.
In the case I mention...Some were trying to monetize what a man was trying to share !

I will revisit that.... find out what happened...
A working device or method which can be shown or replicated is a huge benefit to understanding ,
Yes perhaps a profoundly obvious comment, but somehow here it seems appropriate.

Thanks Dave


I see text as written here is quite modified from my original post prior to submitting
Same words but all mishmoshed  ?
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To be honest I'm not feeling the love...

Any theory diverging into more and more complexity must be flawed because all true understanding must converge upon a singular concept which is self-evident. Obviously were not quite there and when the concept involves repetition versus evolution the result is often obvious.

I get it, it's cool, however it will never be you nor your own until you own it from your perspective versus others...

Otherwise the words become hollow and this feels like a repetitious dialog which is not your own. Obviously this is not you which begs the question... what do you actually think about all this?.


As a scientist seeking understanding of what we see in our skies quite often, I resisted every step of this new knowledge, I did not want my foundations of reality to change any more then you do.

We love to see ourself outside the experiment, as if we are immuned to it's effects and have power over it.

When we start warping time and space, we discover we are now inside our own experiment, and having to deal with the distortions.
The ego mind in our physical head gets demoted severly, and the humble man must accept we have to begin to build a new mental model of what our reality is. In the end, after all the confusion has cleared, it is far more simple then our present beliefs.

I did not come here to stroke ones emotions, and inspire them with words of Love and Light. In my own mind that was a prerequisite to having a clear mental process. Emotional healing is very much necessary when facing the unknown and dealing with the fear. Fear is resolved in Knowing Truth.

3 field forces are all there are, at various dimensions of size, how much more basic can that be? I can list a hundred names current science has split them into at various sizes.

We are working backwards to the original force that powers everything, there is only one.

The yin the yang and the one powers the 10,000 things. Teaching of the TAO.

We now even know the ratio between the two forces, that set up the resonance that exists underneath all matter.
The infinite dance through time of Electron and Proton in a dance that cannot cancel itself, but cannot escape the other.
Electron Proton Ratio

E/P ratio is the very foundation of all the worlds of matter.
When one feels it, it is recognized as an old home feeling of familiar Love. The ratio is rather mesmerizing to experience.

We can combine both our spiritual reality with our science, and the outcome will fill both needs in us, with One Truth, which explains both.
To realize the universe hands us, so much ability to change ourself and our world, to operate in IT's level of wisdom.

I assure you all, this science is not void of love, the universe Loves us all from it's very depths! Nothing is witheld or hidden.
The personal experience of the frequencies, explain all this, and that is why so many go the rout of Orgone creations, and do not want a cold science in that space.

This is now the social conflict we have facing us, to bring science back into a personal "feel felt" experience.
When this happens the motivations to progress engage, because we are working with a field that not only does work but changes our very consciousness, towards the sacredness of all life forms. When one begins to have an undertading of what conscious is, manifest into this universe, the respect of creation is overwhelming. We also begin to feel that "life force" in animals and all other living creatures. This energy changes us.


Putting this sort of information up front tends to turn away men of hard core science. They have been trained to separate the science from the heart.

When we begin to feel the science personally, it puts the heart back into the science.

This is probably the most important part of this personal development, but the understanding of a chi master comes with this and can be amplifed many times over by adding the science part.

The Spiritual among us right now are asking to take their power back. Do they even realize what that statement means?

It means that now that they have developed a heart having new wisdom, they are ready to control more power in the physical realm.
Spirit is handing them what they have asked for. It uses me as a pawn, as it uses everyone, as it used Wilbert Smith, and many others, Max Plank, Walter Russell, etc....
These men all had a higher ethical belief system, ignored by todays cold science, as if it mattered not.

Joe of Joe Cell, if you Love the experiment and look for God in it, then it will work!

This is a very humble approach, and it will lead to respect for all others who are present here, as they are all conscious beings trying different paths in the physical.

I did write a few documents based on how we change as these things open up, and how to start operating differently when you begin to experience telepathy that is accurate, as a side effect of the coherent spherical field bubble on our mind. [Halo in past times.] The s field on an atom.

Organizational Unity Concept

I tend to leave the Spiritual Healing work to others who have that personal directive, but there are now many in the field assisting many to begin waking up, and doing the emotional clearing work with themselves.

Joe Cell can become a very spiritual endeavor, working directly with the universe and recieving personal comprehensions as it progresses.
Some have done it expressly for health and healing effects.

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I am glad you mentioned the Love, because in my life there have been so many experiences of Spirit working with me and others, it is overwhelming looking back. I am truly humbled in what was given, from finding a Reiki teacher that was the real thing, to finding an emotional healer who was also the real thing, in a world with so many attempting to be these things, yet still not quite there, still working on themselves to get there.

In the martial arts I was introduced to the spherical awareness field, and we learned to expand it's dimensions, to feel everyting in an entire room, all the life forms present and the intentions of each one, and recieve a vector direction to each one. After 13 months almost every student could spar with a blindfold better then with eyes. The s field brings in everything all at once, with far more information then words could ever hand one, and this comes in instantly. We do not use imagination at all, the field is real and it is fully accurate when opened to.

This is the spherical sensory field one uses when they leave the physical body, and I had the advantage of integrating it into the physical mind from the martial arts training. My instructor was a wiry thin man, and on first seeing him at a demonstration, he leaped back through the air landing on one foot with perfect balance and delivering a kick, a block and an elbow strike almost simultaneously, with the upmost grace of an animal, and the calm of a monk. When I spared with him he never missed anything even from behind without turning his head.

He was a great inspiriation to me, in those times of trying to understand. Am I a consciousness that springs from and lives only inside the head, or am I a consciousness that enters this physical body to see what an amazing experience it is to be physical?
That question was finally answered for me one year in Hawaii, reading a book on astral travel and techniques designed to open one to remembering it.

I was finally able to experience this, looking down on my body in bed and hearing it breathing some feet below me.
The first time a shot of fear pulled me back in, but then I released my arm, streteched it up and was feeing the celieing, while the rest of my body was still laying on the bed.

Over time one begins to loose the fear of death, and will be able to do more intense experiements with the background field.
Experiments that might scare a person who has no clue they are not limited by the sze of the physical body as to what they can sense and even now measure.

I would never be happy in founding a relgion of blind followers that cannot do the same, or at least learn to understand they are all equals, to me, and to the ones that came before us, labeled as spiritual masters, or Clergy, or Guides, or whatever spiritual path we have embraced in so many past life times. 5 Saints of the Catholic Church could levitate!

In the higher realms, which are very real, we are all equals in the Spirit, but we all share the same realities of the Universe, and these are the laws we cannot change. True science is the study of these laws of the Universe, which we are all humbled by, and must submit to.

With the development of the s field on the physical brain, at the center of mass of the brain, we can commune with the Universe through IT's center of mass and IT's outer boundary layer. This would appear to be the limits of our personal conscious field expansion. Mathematics of fractals proves the Universe has a finite size, as does everyting inside it, as Niseem Harriman states it has a finite number of Protons of which he calculated that number.

This is the main difference between science and spiritual perception, and both deliver information that is accurate and necessary to achieve understanding.

Science - we are all individual and must observe that which is outside of us to develop understanding

Spiritual - From the outer boudary of the universe, we expereince all things are inside us, and a part of us

These are both true, because of the fractal nature of the dimensions and how conscious fields work.

As with a magnet, the field grows in size as we add more iron mass, it is still one field with two poles and one blotch wall, one thing.

The consciousness we experience is the same, and as we devleop a larger field coherence of vibration our field contains much more information, and it is still one part of us.

The concept that we can expand our own consciousness has been around for a long time, but to set this up using frequencies, geometry, and mathematics, may be disturbing to some. It should not be, it is natural.


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If invoking the higher realms or the spherical consciousness or the pink unicorn were enough to obtain real knowledge capable of bringing us energy or any technology, even the fools would be great inventors.

I thought we were on a scientific and technical experimental research forum, and here we are again with the most stupid religious/spiritual propaganda.

But where in this world can one be safe?

"Open your mind, but not like a trash bin"

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What is it that you feel the need to be "safe" from?

Would you impose Limits on where Science should be looking for answers?

I wonder if you truly know where the technology we presently exploit and enjoy came from?

Could it be that we were shown what is possible and given assistance in making it a reality?

For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.
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If invoking the higher realms or the spherical consciousness or the pink unicorn were enough to obtain real knowledge capable of bringing us energy or any technology, even the fools would be great inventors.

I thought we were on a scientific and technical experimental research forum, and here we are again with the most stupid religious/spiritual propaganda.

You are quite right and I thought our esteemed moderators were keeping on top of the lunatic fringe. I would ask them to step in or this thread will go down the tubes like the others.

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You are quite right and I thought our esteemed moderators were keeping on top of the lunatic fringe. I would ask them to step in or this thread will go down the tubes like the others.
while I may roll my eyes at some views in this thread it is about a device that is worthy of investigation. Let’s not censor because what some may consider lunatic others may find worthy of debunking with experimentation. ‘Knowing the secrets’ without published instructions of how to build a device is just noise though.

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Quote from: Paul-R
You are quite right and I thought our esteemed moderators were keeping on top of the lunatic fringe.

Sounds rather a harsh judgment.

And what 'fringe' might you be speaking from?

Would you dismiss the Metaphysical or the Paranormal from the areas of legitimate inquiry?

For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.
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And what 'fringe' might you be speaking from?

You, et alia.
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while I may roll my eyes at some views in this thread it is about a device that is worthy of investigation. Let’s not censor because what some may consider lunatic others may find worthy of debunking with experimentation. ‘Knowing the secrets’ without published instructions of how to build a device is just noise though.

I agree, Jim, but if one is to be taken seriously, it pays simply to leave out the alien stuff unless it can be proved with generally accepted evidence. It is useful to see how Patrick handles the matter in his chapter 9.

On the subject of aliens, it is interesting to note that a major announcement is due to be issued by the DOD in 2 - 3 weeks.
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